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  1. CaliGold

    source for pre 1990 xr parts

    I have a new oem honda seal and bushing kit for a 1990 XR250R that I never used. Don't know if it'll work for a 1986. PM me if you're interested.
  2. CaliGold

    Help on fixing exhaust smoke on XR350R

    There are o-ring seals sandwiched between the bottom of the valve guides and the head that are usually forgotten and will cause smoking. It's kind of involved in that you'll need to install new guides also... which means you'll need a valve job to match the seats to the valves. At least this was the case for my XR250. Check in your manual or a parts diagram to see if you have these o-rings
  3. CaliGold

    Machine Shop In Bay Area?

    I've gotten great work from Engine Dynamics in Petaluma. http://enginedynamics.com
  4. You know, before I posted, I was thinking about sending you a PM to ask you directly. Appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks again Throttlejockey. Good to hear the guides are to size. Can you give me more details on what to check for on the seats?
  6. Hi guys, I'd like to replace the head on a 2004 250X with an 2007 250R since the valve guides are shot. I'm wondering if any machining is required with a new cylinder head like reaming the guides to size. I need to factor this in to the budget if so.
  7. CaliGold

    94 xr 250 valve adjustment ?

    I just did this yesterday. If you still need this info, it's .003 inches for the exhaust and .002 inches for the intake. I personally like to use a dial indicator rather than feeler gages. You'll need a 10mm wrench and a flat blade screwdriver. I recommend you remove the seat and tank for access. Don't forget to clean your carb jets and set your float bowl. I'm running a 42 pilot and 132 main on my '90.
  8. CaliGold

    '99 XR250R Machine work

    A while back I had the center cam journal welded and remachined, and it seems to be holding up well. It was somewhere around $150 and was cleaned and decked when got it back. They place was called Engine Dynamics in Petaluma, California. I believe they have a website enginedynamics.com check it out. Mike was the one who helped me out. Really nice guy.
  9. CaliGold

    Earth.Google.com for tracks and trails

    I think you are referring to GPS Utility. http://www.gpsu.co.uk/index.html
  10. Just wanted to update you guys on the GPS thing. Well, I got the etrex wired to a $1.50 enclosed AA battery holder that holds 2 cells from Radio Shack. I got a etrex plug end from pfranc.com and soldered it to the leads of the battery holder, and protected the wires with shrink tubing. Seems to have enough power for at least a full day's ride, although I load up batteries in the etrex unit itself for backup. Glad to report...didn't shut off even once. Even through some rocky terrain or a mild crash. After using the GPS for a few rides, I will not go out without it. I especially like the basic yellow etrex compared to the finer resolution models like the etrex Legend for riding because the basic one is a lot easier to read with the thicker display and use while on the bike. Besides, I don't need any maps. I can upload the routes I want to ride or download the tracks that I've ridden. The added benefit to riding with the GPS (besides never getting lost) is that it also shows speed (avg, instantaneous, max), elevation, time log, and distance travelled. I did end up getting the RAM mount from Cycoactive. The RAM is indeed a great mount compared to the mountain bike clip. I zip tie the battery holder to the ram mount at the extension arm. Works great. No regrets at all. Maybe some of you won't need a GPS while riding, but I highly recommend it for trails. Thanks to you all for the good advice with the RAM mount, and I do plan to use dielectric grease at the contacts.
  11. CaliGold

    Is Sand Canyon still closed on the way to Rowher?

    Sand Canyon is now OPEN from Soledad to Sierra. Man what a hot Sunday at Rowher. Must have been upper 90's if not in the 100's. I rarely use up the water in my Camelback but was short this time. Unless I was moving, I was burning up.
  12. CaliGold

    Is Sand Canyon still closed on the way to Rowher?

    Thanks kevin. The gas station right off the exit is a frequent meeting stop for me. I'll post after tomorrow if indeed it's still closed or not.
  13. Hey you SoCal guys. Sand Canyon has been closed for a few weeks now on the way to Rowher for construction. Anybody know if it's been opened up yet? Wanna give instructions to a buddy, and don't wanna give him wrong info. Thanks.
  14. Thanks coeshow. I found out the B18L was used in the 150F power up kit. Don't know why it was used for the 230...strange. Went ahead and got a stock needle back in there, and jetted to your 120/45, 4th clip recommendation. Runs better than ever. Besides more power, it even starts and idles better. Kudos to you coeshow!
  15. CaliGold

    hard to start xr250

    I would first check the decompression adjustment, since it's the easiest. If that doesn't solve the problem, check valve clearance. Then next is a compression test or leak down test.