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  1. I've changed to Kibblewhite valves in three CRF450s in the past year. It's pretty easy to do. Takes about an hour to pull the head. Then wash head. Use valve removing tool to take out old worn intake valves. Buy some lapping compound and machinist blue/Dykem blue. Hand lap the new valve, if the seat isn't beat up, it will lap pretty quickly. Check with blue ink and new valve for correct seat width, when it's there, clean the seat area and intake port well to remove the mildly abrasive lapping compound off. Then install new valve seals, install valves and adjust the valves. I set the valves with a smaller shim so I get a reading right away. Turn the motor over say 4 or 5 times to get the valve to seat. When the valve clearance readings are consistent, then find correct shim, set to outer clearance to compensate for any valve stretch and off you go. The whole job takes me about 4-6 hours depending on lunch. Valves are $30/each, intake spring kit is roughly $100. Valve guide seals are $4 each I believe. You can get away with doing only the intakes since they are Ti, but for the extra hour labor and $160, you can do all four valves.
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    Active manual download?

    Is there an active CRF450 manual download around? I've checked the ones previously shown and they are now "deed" Thanks
  3. They have the valves in stock, I just got mine from www.rg500.com. I had 4 bad valves, all sucked in