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  1. stowboy

    drz400s pipe fit sm?

    hi folks.. im sure lots of people have asked this but does the drz400s fmf powercore 4 tailpipe fit the sm model?? im still bog standard with standard header on my sm..will it fit or do i need the fmf header too? thanks!
  2. stowboy

    !! Uk Drz Meet Southwest !!

    hi-im near cheltenham,so may be able to do somthing on one of the later dates:ride: a little trek on my new sm:thumbsup:
  3. stowboy

    Drz-400-sm Disapeared

    tell you what id move to the us tomorrow:thumbsup: where in michigan are you spartanfan?? detroit?? ive family there.. upstate to travis city area is awesome bike country:ride:its another world!
  4. stowboy

    Drz-400-sm Disapeared

    dunno how long oem parts will be at my local stealer but with a new front mudguard at £62.00:jawdrop: it will be in stock for a lot longer!! FLEABAY-here i come!
  5. stowboy

    New photos of my drz400E

    yeah,great pics..love it:thumbsup:
  6. stowboy

    Drz-400-sm Disapeared

    yep-they have gone for definate..euro 3 stuff... i had a real problem getting a yellow:banana: sm,but managed to track a brand new pre regd. one at cg chell ltd in stafford, he did have another in the crate at 3995 on the road.. most dealers i contacted said no chance....but all said the same-DRZ?-great seller!! reliable etc etc.. thanks euro-prats:foul:
  7. hi guys-sweet pink drz!! where can we get these download graphics templates from???
  8. stowboy

    04 rmz 250-bargain??

    im afraid here in uk we get ripped by the government for tax-17.5% so puts it up-friend just brought a 1 hr 06 rmz 250 for 3100 gbp-with it came a reciept from supplying dealer in US,4800 us dollars. anyway all 3 of us now run the same bikes-makes sense for any probs in the paddock!!
  9. stowboy

    04 rmz 250-bargain??

    hi-its 3k gbp..list was 4.6k!!!!!!!! and at that money its a new bike for used bike money-ive picked up a set of oversized rads cheap,and a boyesen oil fiter/waterpump cover.just need the makita graphics kit and were set!!!!!!!! its a lot cooler here in blighty than nevada!
  10. stowboy

    04 rmz 250-bargain??

    thanks for that-ive ordered her anyway-semed too good to miss..and with my riding style/speed, being on an 04 or 07 wont make any diffrence and at 1.6k off list..bargain! just gotta sell my 2005 ktm 250 exc!!!!!!
  11. stowboy

    04 rmz 250-bargain??

    thanks for that cyclepop...ive a mate who races, and he said his 04 kxf was good bike-hes on an 06 now and is sort of getting used to her........ive looked at soo much used rubbish that was supposedly low hours on a new un,what sort of break in?-just follow the handbook? anyway seem to be a suzook fan??-looks as if youve garage full of yellow!
  12. stowboy

    04 rmz 250-bargain??

    hi all-ive been trawling the suzuki dealers here in uk,and have found a new old stocker 04 rmz 250 at a bargain price 3k...new!!i know the bikes have their rad probs-but a friend has some oversize rads from an 04 kxf-will they fit??-and the oil/water pump cover.. but are they really as bad as some say??-or is it buy,ride/look after and enjoy? after all its a new 250f for used money??!!! any comments??
  13. stowboy

    which one does the biz?

    hi-ok thanks-any other thoughts guys???
  14. stowboy

    which one does the biz?

    hi guys.. and girls? newbie question...have been offered a 06 us spec crf250r low hours,etc-firstly anyone know if uk/euope spec bikes differ from us spec? also there are some great deals-in my price range on new 06 rmz 250-rode my mates new one yesterday briefly- great engine-gearbox-front seemed stiff?-poss newness..but really nice little package..at the price!just to add to the mix-my local ktm dealer says hes a 06 sxf 250-20 hrs???do like orange as ive already a 05 250 exc-f im only a slow novice m/x-and occ. enduro/hare n hounds rider so which to go for? any views would help!