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  1. Roscoman

    2006 CRF450X Procircuit TI-4

    thanks for reply, have not been able to get titanium header from procircuit to fit to clear hose so bending up stainless header instead, this i only way i can see overcoming problem cheers!
  2. Roscoman

    2006 CRF450X Procircuit TI-4

    Just bought 2006 CRF450X and Procircuit TI-4 Full system off 2005 CRX450R. All bolts up well and sits really neat but 450R Header just touches on bottom radiator hose. Going to insulate radiator hose with heat resistant insulation and wire on to stop melting hose and cooking motor but seeking if anyone else has tried and overcome same problem. Only other option is to try end rebend header to just give enough clearance or try and angle radiator hose. Any advice appreciated, Cheers! :