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  1. El Moto Diablo

    2008 crf 450

    Like they did woth the 4 strokes in general. Let Yammie build it, refine it. Then make a better one
  2. El Moto Diablo

    backfire screen

    Use the twin air back fire filters, thats what they are made for. If you use regular filters then your pushing your luck.
  3. El Moto Diablo

    crf question.

    Going from a CRF 100 to a 450r? Why not just go right to the hospital and skip the middle man.
  4. El Moto Diablo

    Beware of LA Honda

    Thats standard procedure for personal checks. Next time go with a cashiers check, I wouldn't do any transaction over $500 with cash, its good to have a paper trail, unless its one of those "under the table" deals. "Yo my bike fell off a truck so fugget about it"
  5. El Moto Diablo

    MXA 2006 CRF Test Bike. . .

    Sunny Garcia????
  6. El Moto Diablo

    Why can't we solve restarting problem

    Old habits die hard. Years of two smoking it, I still can't stop wanting to twist the throttle while kicking. Now I just grap the handle bar below the front brake resevroir, seems to have helped alot.
  7. El Moto Diablo

    Graphics for White Plastics

    Throttle Jockey had these at the Indy trade show
  8. El Moto Diablo

    Graphics for White Plastics

    May not be white but man are they clean