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    Caliper or MC causing drag?

    I'll have to look for the hole. Only thing that leads me away from the pistons, is that they are black and look to be non metallic, I let them come right far out and looked clean. There was no build up in the mc when i rebuilt it but that doesn't mean the caliper is clean. I am tempted to pull the pistons and look, but hate to pull it apart for nothing.

    Caliper or MC causing drag?

    The caliper is fixed mount and appears that only the pads slide on the pins. My front wheel is dragging and getting hot. With the c clamps in place I could see the pistons back off a hair, but not when holding by hand. Maybe they have swelled a tad. When i rebuilt the MC, it took awhile to bleed it but now it seems fine. I'm used to cars, when a piston sticks, it is stuck!

    The 1985 XR350R

    I have one that is all original except the rear tire, the knobs cracked off so I finally replaced it. Front and chain and sprockets all still original. Bad thing is it sat outside alot and is faded. Anyway, I am in need of a good master cylinder for it, my site glass has busted.
  4. 1985 XR350R, the front brakes won't realease completely. I rebuilt the mc last year and seems to be working, removed the caliper last night and c clamped each piston and both go out but can't be pushed back in by hand. Pistons don't seem to be sticking, just the pressure is not releasing, so I'm wondering if the MC is doing something screwy?
  5. I found diagrams, looks like the seals may have to be bought seperate, didn't see a kit? The site glass got cloudy and now has cracked from exposure I guess. I see it listed on the diagram, but no part number.
  6. My caliper has started sticking so looks like i need a kit. Also my site glass has just started weeping, so need to replace it. Don't see either at any online parts houses, any ideas?

    1985 XR350R light bulbs?

    Thanks. There was a 194 in the rear, I swapped in a new one but without a headlight it blew after I revved the bike. Really didn't think a 6v system would blow a 12v bulb. My headlight was an Osram 7324, but I can't really find any prices online. Trying to cross reference to another company if possible.

    1985 XR350R light bulbs?

    Anyone have a listing for part numbers? The dealer wants $30 for the headlight bulb abd that just sounds crazy. I want to fix both bulbs again. I seem to blow them yearly.

    85 XR350R front brake problems

    I have tried taking the mc off and rotating it. I was wondering about undoing the line and plugging the mc but hated breaking any more seals than I had to. At it's age, we know the can of worms that can open.
  10. I can't build any pressure. I put a rebuild kit in the MC and have completely bleed it. I took the caliper off and pushed the pistons back in and they are not stuck. Everything leads me to MC but after the kit no idea.