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  1. Happy Birthday takksi!

  2. takksi

    TTR-250 Clank when turning off engine

    yeps mate that's exactly my problem... mine is a 93 open enduro model. and i also read that site inside out - that's actually what made me go to the mechanic. hopefully it'll be fixed now though...
  3. takksi

    TTR-250 Clank when turning off engine

    hmm... the thing that's a bit worrying is that the noise is very loud as if something seems to be about to break anyways, today I took it to the mechanic. hope it's not going to be too expensive
  4. takksi

    TTR-250 Clank when turning off engine

    Nobody knows about this? Does your bike do this noise? I have a feeling it's something to do with the starter. Please guys give me an idea as to what the noise may be maybe I can fix it in some way...
  5. Hi guys, I got this 1993 TTR-250. When I turn off the engine, most of the times there is a loud "clank" as if some flywheel spins for a split second into place. I had a Suzuki DR-250 a year or two ago and this used to happen occasionally too. Does anybody know what this noise may be? And is it something I should worry about?
  6. hi guys... i ended up going for the ttr since apparently there are more of these on the road than any other dirt bike...
  7. basically the reason is that i need to give away my own bike and exchange it with another one and till now the only offers i've got are for a ttr250 and dr350. Also, by the way, I'll be driving it in Malta... so I won't need it for high-ways or long distances or high speeds etc. I'm more inclined towards the ttr myself too as you said, but the thing that's worrying me is that the ttr is a 1993 model while the dr is a 1999/2000 model. if that wasn't the problem i'd go straight for the ttr.
  8. Hi all... I'd like your opinion on this issue whoever may help me... I have a Hyosung GT250 and might be swapping it for a scrambler/enduro/dual sport/etc (sorry I don't really know the exact differences between all these). At the moment I have two options available: TTR 250 (1993) and a DR 350 (1999). Now as it stands, the dr350 is almost in a perfect condition except for a few scratches. Also it only has 22000 km. The TTR250 is 7 years older than the DR350 and has some more scratches and so on. Also, the DR350 has a single cam while the TTR250 comes with a twin-cam engine. Now, if I had to go for newer, and judge by the appearance and age I'd go for the DR350. However I know that TTR's are more sought after. Also, something that is more important is fuel consumption. I know a 250cc is very economical but once I had a KLR650 and wasted more fuel than my car basically - so I'm afraid that if I go for the dr350 I'd end up not being happy due to the higher consumption of petrol. My issue is... if there's only a difference of say 3mpg between the ttr250 and the dr350 it wouldn't be a problem but if the ttr250 gives say 70mpg and the dr350 will end up giving me 55mpg or 60mpg i wouldn't really be happy. Once I had a DR250 and was really cool. So I'm assuming that the TTR250 is similar to this one. I drove the DR350 a couple of days ago to test drive it and as soon as you pull some gas it really pulls... so there is a difference between the 250 and 350 - but as I already said I'm afraid that it'll reflect too badly in the consumption. Any ideas?
  9. takksi


    I just got this 1998 Japanese import (DR250RXLW) but I can't find anything about this bike in English anywhere. Someone I managed to contact who owns a similar bike in New Zealand told me that for this bike I can use parts from the DRZ250 2004, 2005, 2006 models etc. This guy in fact converted his to look exactly like the DRZ250. Can someone advise me please? Does anybody know of anyone who can supply parts for this bike and ship them to Europe - Malta? I eagerly await your comments.