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  1. ktm 525 exc...... speedo said 103 mph. that was enough for me. whats the point of that much speed when the visor of your helmet is trying to rip the helmet off your head.
  2. zzyzx

    Body Armor?

    I have both sets of body armor and chest protectors. personally i prefer using a chest protector with separate elbow pads. chest protector breaths better in summer and is heavier duty then body armor, i also use elbow pads under my jersey. my thought is the body armor has larger shoulder protection to spread to impact. i'm also 45 and get hurt more playing hockey then i ever have on a dirt bike.
  3. keep in mind when changing both paper filters. the 1 1/3 quart to fill the case will show high on the glass until the bike has been warmed up and the new oil has saturated the new filters. caught me off guard the first time also. have fun with the new toy.
  4. zzyzx

    UMC enduro this weekend come out and try it

    yes and did i mention there were a lot of rocks. you could tell that even the sand used to be rocks. the trials tire was great on the hills and rocks,but left me wanting my knobby everywhere else . i'm hoping the H&H will be as physically demanding. get fast quick or enjoy the torture.
  5. zzyzx

    UMC enduro this weekend come out and try it

    Thanks UNITED M-C this was my first race and thoroughly enjoyed it. entered as "C" so i could ride the 2nd loop. first loop left me wanting more and the second was a challenge. i got everything i wanted and more then i expected. The clinic on sat. evening was appreciated and helpfull. thanks to "2strk4fun" i also got a better understanding of timing and strategy. ready for desertMC now that my hands quit cramping up.
  6. hmmmm when to stop riding? the oldest guy i know who is still riding is 95 ! he went from his dirt bike last year down to a 400 quad. we all should be so lucky.
  7. thanks ... that was exactly what i was looking for.
  8. i jetted both of our ktms' for 10,000 ft. a 525 exc and a 450xc both 06'. i use jd jetting kits both bikes were jetted and needles adjusted, they ran great at the higher elevation but ran noticeably hot. any suggestions as to why and how i can solve the problem. have not had the problem when i jet for 8-9,000 ft. but bikes bog. thanks in advance.
  9. zzyzx

    New cap leaks

    its not a cap issue...... i have been through 5 caps on 2 06' bikes all leaked without an 'x' ring. what changed my opinion to the tank was when the cap blew out when i layed the bike over.
  10. zzyzx

    The Chinese Knock-offs: Good or bad?

    it think it all comes down to parts and service...... can you buy replacement parts when needed ? cheap quads i believe will have the same affect on offroad riding as seedoos and jetskis' had on lake waterskiing.... all the coves were are cut back to wakeless , i have been riding the cali. desert since the 70's and the greatest damage i see from year to year has come from quads and the tracks set up by their parents.
  11. have to agree with "croomrider". i own 2 ktms 525exc and 450xc. i also own several hondas', i have never had anything but routine maint. on the ktm. the quality of the components is easy to see. the air cooled hondas are fine but as for the honda crf250x......pos. do a simple comparison of components (nuts, bolts, chains,etc...) and you will begin notice quickly who puts more money in the quality of the small stuff. havn't come across an ex ktm owner yet.............
  12. zzyzx

    CRF250X PLEASED or REGRET your purchase

    i own an 05' 250x and loved the bike for the first two rides. after 3 valve jobs and a new head i'm convinced the bike was designed for low speeds and unaggressive riders (bottom end of power band). two other 250x's in our group also have had similar problems, they too sold their bikes. I chose ktm's for my son and i and have not spent any other time or money on those bikes beyond normal maint. personally i loved the state of art feel to the bike, but after a year of the bike missing 3 out every 4 rides and $ 3,200.00 in parts and labor later i am no longer impressed. just my experiences and two cents worth. I do our love the 3 other honda's (air cooled four strokes).
  13. zzyzx

    smashed cam lobe...owww

    thanks for the replys. the right cam lobe ls smached down 30% with a hole in the lifter cup top, where the cam forced threw. top of valve is slitely mushroomed . i agree with the over heating from lack of oil and unfortunatly my son didnt notice if the bike was running rich and the bike seemed to run fine when i was behind it. what bothers me is where in the h...l did the oil go. we changed oil and filters before riding and i double checked levels day of ride. i realize the dirty filter was the kiss of death, but this is the first bike i have i owned that melts down every 100 mi. literaly... 4 other hondas and a ktm in the garage and not a problem with any of them. I just want to make sure im not the one creating this bikes problems. Thanks.
  14. zzyzx

    smashed cam lobe...owww

    i have always had valve problems on my 05' 250x. rebuilt 2x. this last trip we were out of town on a 600 im. loop by bike. the air filter was pretty dirty and had no where to clean it out. (filter skin came off 1st day...figures i had 3 in reserve). by the 3rd day bike died on us. pulling the head (imo) it looks like the loss of air flow caused the engine to suck up oil from the case and then as the engine heated up the right intake valve began to stick and smashed a lobe on the cam..... i think opening the air box on this bike has contributed to way too many dirt related problems...
  15. i had my head seats recut . when i buy new valves should they be standard or oversize? going to use kibblewhites' currently their is daylight around the existing intake valves when i set them in the seat...... not good.thanks.