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  1. Yeah, I've ridden before, just haven't owned my own bike. Which sucks...... I kind of sound like a newb because of the way I worded my questions to kind of get second opinions on some things. Just mainly for ease of understanding my questions. I think I will definately prefer the 4-stroke over two's by the sound of it. I haven't ridden any four-strokes that are actual MX bikes, so that obviously doesn't count. I have ridden a 125's from varying years and found the power to be- well... Not quite there? And the 80, well, self-explanitory. Basically the only thing stopping me from buying a 4 was the cost of maintenance compared to a 2. As far as top-end replacement, etc. But all sounds good now. I just hope I'll be able to get one for the right price! --->Troy.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Very informative. And to me, the extra weight of the four-stroke doesn't bother me.
  3. Your very welcome... It really is a sick looking bike. BTW, do you have more pics of it? Like outside ones too maybe?
  4. Really? Well, in that case it sounds pretty much perfect for me! I'm looking for good mileage gas-wise, AND top-end wise! BTW, how much would an OEM top-end rebuild kit cost? And everything needs to be replaced about every 25 hours or so (is that how it goes?)? Aftermarket prices? I guess I should probably do a little more research myself... I hope I can find a nice Honda/Yamaha 450 for a good price!
  5. I will be looking for 426's and 450's (from Yammi and Honda)... But what about the 250F's? Is there a HUGE difference in power between the two? I have only ridden two-strokes in the past, and by the sounds of it, the power is MUCH different, hits quite a bit earlier in the RPM range right? I am looking for that down low power too. So here would be my choices as it stands: -Yamaha YZ250F (need some more info on the 250F's) -Yamaha YZ426F and 450F -Yamaha YZ250 (some more opinions on 2-smokers are needed compared to the four-strokes please) -Honda 250F??? and 450F and 250 two-stroke.
  6. Well, if I can find a Yamaha 450 or Honda 450 for the RIGHT PRICE, then I think that is what I'll go with. Very nice bikes. On the other hand, still looking for 250 2-smoker opinions...
  7. Hmmm... By the sounds of it, that is what I need. It has to be reliable to some extent. And I have no problems what-so-ever when it comes to changing/cleaning/oiling air filters and changing oil, etc. Preventative maintenance... Thanks for the reply. Holy crap... Alot of recommendations for the CRF450's and YZ450F's. BTW, Is that your CRF??? VERY NICE! Well, I think I could kind of figure what you were trying to get across before... I don't see the reason for it? I didn't ask your opinion on any of that stuff mentioned. Is it a qualification on this site to be able to sift through the enfinite threads about similar questions? Does this make me a bad person? No hard feelings? Hate to come across as an arsehole in my first thread around here. Appreciate the help guys. And what are your thoughts on 250cc 2-smokers? Big difference from a 450? Pro's and Con's from your side of the playing field?
  8. What the hell are you talking about man? Needlepoint supplies?! &%$#@!... Anyway, back on topic... The brands I am looking into are preferably Honda and Yamaha for four-strokes mainly, but I will consider 'Zuki and Kawi. The only thing about the four-strokes that is really making me wonder, is the life of the pistons, rings, valves, springs, retainers, cams, chains, etc. And the cost to replace all of that stuff.
  9. What bike would be a better choice for me? This summer, I plan to buy a used bike... That's the easy part. Now, here is the hard part: 2-stroke or 4-stroke bike? I am a big guy, 6'0+ and 230+lbs., so obviously, I want something with some more grunt so I don't get bored of the power, and something that has good suspension. So I don't know if a 125cc (2-smoker) or a 250cc (4-stroke) would be good? (It should be?) Or maybe a 250cc (2-smoker) or a 450cc (4-stroke)? I plan on doing just general riding, and hitting jumps, etc. out here, and occasionally hit the track... Now, I do know ALOT about engines, etc. in general and can tear them apart and put them back together with ease, but when it comes to the 4-stroke BIKES it's a bit different story, in the sense that: are they harder to maintain? Easier to ride (kind of hard to explain, but, being able to start it easily, add gas and go, etc. kinda thing)? What about worn parts replacement, as far as valves, piston, rings, springs, retainers, cams, etc.??? That is mostly what I am worried about, is it going to put in hole in my wallet, and a dent in my riding time? All this compared to that of a 2-stroke. Ideas on pricing of new top-ends, etc.? 4-stroke and 2-stroke prices... I like both types of engines, but both will have there pro's and con's to them. BTW, I am new to this site, but I think I may become a regular if things go well. I appreciate the help too. --->Troy B.