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  1. ktmrider22e

    Overshoot a jump = Sprained Ankles (vid)

    I wish I had had those ankle saver pegs on my bike. If I did I don't think I would have broken my ankle or atleast not as bad as I did when I came up short on a massive table top.
  2. ktmrider22e

    Please help to lower ktm

    I would go with the lower seat. I'm 5'3 riding a 125 and don't have a problem with touching the ground with that seat. I would avoid lowering it in the suspension. I had my 200 lowered it doesn't ride the same once lowered that way.
  3. ryan is one fast kid. i hope he makes it outdoors, if he rides the same way he does slip n slides he'll do pretty good
  4. ktmrider22e

    2002 Yamaha YZ85 restore, well kinda.

    man my friend vince has a bike just like yours
  5. ktmrider22e

    Lets See Your Pitbike/Playbike Pics

    Got Roost 67 thats a sick mountain bike
  6. ktmrider22e

    Let's see the holeshots!

    kxdude7 thats a good start. was it dead engine
  7. ktmrider22e

    Motocross Music?

    cute without the e- taking back sunday
  8. ktmrider22e

    Look Ma! No Motor!

    man downhill mountain bikers are crazy. once a female dh mountain biker raced my series in 200B with no chest protector or bark busters.
  9. ktmrider22e

    Women's ehem...undergarments...

    i wear underarm compression shorts and try to stand up as much as possible
  10. ktmrider22e

    Kinda funny.......

    the gear it self isnt bad but the boots are ugly
  11. ktmrider22e

    Very first race pics

    o come on the race wasnt that bad. but good job for your first race i saw you a bunch of times on the track. see ya at vmp
  12. thats sad. his family will be in my prayers
  13. ktmrider22e

    Any Woods Video's Or Pics???

    i ride woods cuz im scared of big jumps and you cant be fast at mx rolling the jumps. now can ya
  14. ktmrider22e

    For the Lady Thumpers!

    i sure wouldnt and thats coming from a girl