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  1. I wish I had had those ankle saver pegs on my bike. If I did I don't think I would have broken my ankle or atleast not as bad as I did when I came up short on a massive table top.
  2. I would go with the lower seat. I'm 5'3 riding a 125 and don't have a problem with touching the ground with that seat. I would avoid lowering it in the suspension. I had my 200 lowered it doesn't ride the same once lowered that way.
  3. ryan is one fast kid. i hope he makes it outdoors, if he rides the same way he does slip n slides he'll do pretty good
  4. man my friend vince has a bike just like yours
  5. Got Roost 67 thats a sick mountain bike
  6. kxdude7 thats a good start. was it dead engine
  7. cute without the e- taking back sunday
  8. man downhill mountain bikers are crazy. once a female dh mountain biker raced my series in 200B with no chest protector or bark busters.
  9. i wear underarm compression shorts and try to stand up as much as possible
  10. the gear it self isnt bad but the boots are ugly
  11. o come on the race wasnt that bad. but good job for your first race i saw you a bunch of times on the track. see ya at vmp
  12. thats sad. his family will be in my prayers
  13. i ride woods cuz im scared of big jumps and you cant be fast at mx rolling the jumps. now can ya
  14. i sure wouldnt and thats coming from a girl