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  1. justin_5585

    Travis Pastrana

    Come on guys, don't rip off Pastrana and Godfrey, kick down the dollars to buy it. It's not like they are a multi billion dollar corporation that can afford to absorb the cost. I don't have any difficulty shelling out 30 bones to those guys, as i get more than that much entertainment out of the dvd's
  2. justin_5585

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    Wrong, you did not catch one. I replied with an educated, rational, calm response. I did not fly off the handle, I did not speak out of pure emotion, I thought, and then I wrote. You did not get my goat, sorry brother.
  3. justin_5585

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    So, based on your logic, anyone who has raced, but left to do something else for a living is a punk? Essentially that is what TP did, and to say it was because he couldn't beat the top dog is unconfirmed, as only he knows why he left. I didn't pursue a career in motocross because i lack the talent to be the next RC, rather i went into fire service. Does that make me a punk? The "tears of the teeny boppers" were not in regards to their idol being bashed, but rather for the grossly ignorant statement that was made, and the ensuing comments.
  4. justin_5585

    Crf450x vs wr450f myth or Fact

    If I recall correctly, those numbers came from a test DirtBike did on the Factory Honda Baja bikes. Both of those were FAR from stock, so not really a good baseline
  5. justin_5585

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    Well, I do believe streetbike Tommy was in fact paid, as on the newest Nitro Circus he says something to the effect of "I'm gonna be on Travis' team, because I've never gotten a paycheck from Greg" If he was exploiting the needy and mentally ill like Bumfights, i could see your argument, but based on your reasoning, i totally disagree. Do you take offense to every major motorcycle publication? As every one of these is paying or encouraging someone to push the limits, no one would by transworld motocross or crusty's movies if the footage was of a bunch of guys riding comfortably on a 30 foot wide circle track in second gear, in the interest of safety. How do you feel about the X games? Prime example of dollars for extreme, with the underlying potential of injury.
  6. justin_5585

    Crushed pipe :(

    I'd try the home made fix first, just to save money, but if it's not an option, i'd go to your local shop. A lot of the time, serious racers will buy a new bike, and before ever riding it take it to the shop and have them work the motor over. This usually leaves an abundance of stock parts, and many shops will ask if you want to keep them. As many don't have any use for a stock pipe, they'll say know, and the shop simply keeps them for replacements. My buddy just picked up a brand new pipe for his rm for 50 bucks. Even though it was free to the shop, and they got to sell it twice, it's still better than 200 for an fmf.
  7. justin_5585

    which helmet is best?

    If money was no object i'd have an arai or a shoei, but due to my constraints, i run an hjc, as it was the most comfortable for my noggin.
  8. justin_5585

    coming up short

    When i'm getting ready to jump something new (and I'm a definite beginner class rider), i either try to guage speed off of somebody else, or ask someone with a similiar setup what they hit it in. If i can't do that, i always err on the side of caution, i'd much rather overshoot a landing than come up short on a double. The bottom line is, with jumping, you will crash at one point or another, I am a firm believer that if you don't crash ever, you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. I'm not saying that you should be attempting a 100 footer your first time on a bike, but the nature of the sport is riding in places that challenge you.
  9. Oh yeah, and Special Greg was totally non existent in this one. I wonder if they had a falling out?
  10. Well, our local shop just got the new film from Godfrey and Pastrana, and i immediately rushed down to pick it up. As i watched the dvd, i was enthralled for the first ten minutes, and then slowly dissapointment set in. I'm not saying it's terrible by any means, but in my opinion, it's just not up to snuff with the other films in the Nitro Circus series. About half to two thirds of the movie is fluff, with jackass esque skits, and goofy overdubbed commentary. The features on this years supercross and outdoors series was great, as was the coverage of the Romaniacs and Erzburg enduro, but overall, the slip n' bleed footage and dry waterslide b.s. was too much. I'm glad to have it in my collection as I am a big fan of the gang, but it left something to be desired for me. I'm just voicing my opinion, perhaps giving a heads up if you are expecting an hour of amazing dirtbike footage as in the previous three. Feel free to voice your opinions, i'd love to hear what others have to say. I plan on giving it another watch tonight, hoping to warm up to it.
  11. justin_5585

    kx500 vs kx450f

    As i've said before though, so much of the 'better' determination is based on where you're riding. if we were talking a service honda type 500, with a modern frame/suspension, it would win hands down, anywhere. But due to the ancient technology in those bikes, the 450 is head and shoulders above it in anything that involves tight turns, whoops, and low speed traction (mx tracks, and singletrack trails).
  12. justin_5585

    Which MX boots

    I wear tech 6's, and they've been great to me, although on my next boot it'll be 8's, cause i want the ankle support a bootie provides.
  13. justin_5585

    kx500 vs kx450f

    The 450 is going to be a much, much better handling bike, and therefore, for all intensive purposes, it will be faster. The only place the 500 would have the edge would maybe be on a big hill climb, the dunes, or a wide open drag race, but even then, the 450 is no slouch, and the difference would be marginal. On track or trail, no contest, the 450 has such better technology, it would dominate, IMO. -justin
  14. justin_5585

    How much more power?

    First off, a newer 125 would be head and shoulders above that 93, so don't discredit the two smoke. I don't know your experience/height/weight, but i just made the switch from a 2000 yz125 to an '04 yz250f, and the thumper is off the chain! First off, it's handling is actually better than my old 125. The bike tracks nice and straight, and the power is so controllable. Make sure you have the bike pointed where you want to go when you crack your wrist, because their is no lag, and no loss of traction, the bike just hooks up and pulls. I have no regrets about making the switch, but, depending on your budget, a two stroke may be the only option. If that's the case, I'd go for the cleanest, newest thing you can afford, whether it's a 125 or a 250. Unless you're over 200 lbs, you can still haul the mail on a newer 125 with a fresh top end and decent suspension. -justin
  15. justin_5585

    anything bad with a hydraulic clutch?

    I believe he is refering to arm pump, meaning that one less thing for your forearms to work at when attacking a track allows you a bit more time before lactic acid builds up (the burn/cramping you get in your arms when you're hauling the mail).