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  1. NewYork

    If you are going to OCC, just a mile or so down the road is moroney's http://www.jimmoroneyscycle.com/ The have honda, suzuki, yamaha and ktm. This is you best bet.
  2. I did check the squish band thread. Some many pages to view and I did not see any info directly pertaining to the eric gorr head mod for pump gas. Just wanted to see if anybody had it done and see if the bike ran the same. Just want to run pump gas but don't want the bike to run worse. Thanks for the info Monk.
  3. Thanks mxrider72 for the input on the flywheel weight and gearing. One last question, has anybody done the head mod by eric gorr so you can run the bike on pump gas (93 octance tha has some ethanol in it). If so how does it run? It is hard for me find race fuel to mix with pump gas to get just higher than the 95 octance rating in the manual.
  4. How much does it help with traction on hard pack. Here in NY most tracks are very hard packed during the summer. I like the fact as well that the gytr is a complete flywheel, no bolts to come loose. Any suggestions on gearing (stock or +1 tooth on the rear)?
  5. I just picked up a 2013 yz250 as well. the gyt flywheel weight is how much heavier than stock. The steahly ones give you a choice of different weights. Looking for some feed back on the best weight as I ride mostly mx.
  6. Pennsylvania

    I miss the orignal ACE track but as a club you have to do what is available to hold races. Hope that in the future ACE can either have races at the original track or find a new permanent place to hold their races. I have not been to fyling dutchmen in a a long time and from memory it was a nice track but based on the distance from the original ACE track it would be to far for me to attend.
  7. It shows on ak farms website an op on saturday 9/29/12. Can anyone confirm? I know walden is having one. I find it odd that ak farms would have open practice on the same day when the two tracks are only a few miles apart. I will be at walden as they put on a good show and who can beat the free lunch they are advertising.
  8. NewYork

    Does anybody know how the new track is coming along as the first race date is 6/3/12. Looking forward to a new track.
  9. NewYork

    Walden and Ak farms are the two closest tracks to me. Can I race with an AMA card and msc district card (just renewed it) as I am not worried about counting points towards year end overall. I don't want to buy another district card just to race a handful of times this year. This is the most divided I have ever seen motocross in the hudson valley area in the 25+ years I have been involved.
  10. NewYork

    jjm525, Trust me you don't have to sell my on walden:) I will always support the core tracks that were part of the original MSC. I have either raced or ridden them all (andre's farm, southwoods in the pine forrest, lembo lake, etc). Walden has put a ton of effort in the last few years and you guys change the layout often which is why I really like the track. I have been going to walden since the mid eighties and have friends that have been members. With my family & work responsibilities saturdays work better for me that is why I hit as many saturday op's as I can at Walden. I will introuduce myself to you at one of the op's this year, I bet we know alot of the same people. Regards, Nick Dini MSC#72
  11. NewYork

    Is there a website for this Echo Valley track or a site with some info on it?
  12. NewYork

    I wish Walden was on the schedule as well(my favorite track in MSC). I don't have as much time to race as I would like but I might have to buy an AMA card and hit some of the saturday races at Walden. I did see a new track Echo Valley Farm on the msc schedule. Does anybody know were it is. When I googled it the only thing that made sense is there is a farm in Red Hook NY with that name which would not be far from Claverack.
  13. NewYork

    The track should be good by saturday, just maybe it will have some very deep ruts as the track gets broken in. No rain on thursday or friday and the weather looks great for saturday
  14. Georgia

    Went last year for the first time. Nice place, trails are good, tracks are decent, nothing to crazy. Bunch of guys I ride with in NY have been there since saturday and they said it is drying out nicely. No heavy rain this week. I am heading down there tonight with a few buddies and going to ride with them thursday and friday, go to the supercross, ride sunday then head back. It will be nice to miss the snow coming for the northeast during the end of the week.
  15. Supercross

    What is the best place to park with the easiest access to I-20 after the race. Last year was my first time going and it took for ever to get out of there after the race. Any good places to eat neary the dome.