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  1. Most of my seat time has been on a 450 mx. I am a complete beginner at enduros. Barely 50h on my 350exc. I can say that my late experience at the woods and the 350 exc helped on my mx confidence and speed. I will keep my secret for now on !
  2. Hello I am quite confused. I have a yz450f 15 for mx and a 350 ktm exc 16 for the woods and enduros. I had to race my EXC at a quite fast and bumpy mx track with decent jumps. I was way more faster on the enduro bike than I have ever been at any mx race in a mx bike. I have been racing mx for ten years and this is my first enduro bike.....heavier, less power, enduro tires, but I was much more confident and way faster......How is this possible? Thanks for your input
  3. It finally was 2.30 h race. There was about 1/3 of the tank still left. Although it was a very slow and low rpm race. Thanks for your help
  4. I will post tomorow Thank you!
  5. It is going to be a 2 hour xc race. I am not a high revver. Would I make it?
  6. Thanks for your answers. Its the stock tank
  7. How many hours should I expect to do with a full tank mostly at mid rpm? Thanks in advance
  8. Great to hear that. Thanks
  9. I have compared photos and there is at least a slight difference at first glance....Thanks
  10. Thank you! I will take this route then. There is a set of Hotcams for oversized engines called Builder Series available for yz250f 06. Is that what I need? or the Stage 2 package. Here is the link: Thank you very much!
  11. And what carburator, cam and exhaust would you recommend? Thanks! !
  12. I just want a reliable bike. I prefer more power at the bottom. and I dont want to spend 200 usd more to buy a Hot cams stage 2 either. Thanks!
  13. The truth is that I dont have the tools or the skills. It has to be done at the shop...
  14. hello, are both of the yz250f engine crankcases from 2007 compatible for the 2006 engine? Thanks in advance