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  1. Cheb44

    Getting new boots! need help!

    A.R.C. MX240V http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=27&navTitle=Boots-Footwear&webCatId=3&prodFamilyId=14345 May not be name brand but I have had mine for awhile and they are every bit as good as my Tech 10s I had if not better. Certainly better for the price.
  2. Cheb44

    Has anyone ever used ......

    Lol I thought they did it backwards, I just didn't feel like doing the math lol. Anyway I was charged the websites price from paypal will see if it goes through. Should have ordered a full set of plastics too, don't you just love how strong our dollar got all of a sudden lol
  3. Cheb44

    Has anyone ever used ......

    lol well I just ordered a graphics kit from them. I will try just about anything with paypal involved. I have had to resolve some crappy or suspect sellers with them before with good luck.
  4. Cheb44

    Has anyone ever used ......

    pretty curious. Why are their euro prices not converting evenly to US prices according to the current exchange rate?
  5. Well I didn't want to read 45 pages of posts so if this has been posted already sorry. I have one of these on a helmet that is ok its cheap and works. Whenever I get back home (work out of town) I can put up some vid and how I have it mounted. They are out of stock now but they replenish and they are ok to order from, just don't order it till its in stock and their phone help is terrible, but I order all my R/C batteries and some R/C helicopter parts from them and have had very little problems. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=10093&Product_Name=Turnigy_highrate_30FPS_Ultra-small_Digital_Camera_W/_2GB_SanDisk_Micro_SD__
  6. Cheb44

    Good place to buy parts online?

    my personal favorites are Thumpertalk parts, rockymountainatvmc, and Motorsport.com Thumpertalk price matches and I have noticed their OEM parts always seem to be cheaper.
  7. Cheb44

    Shifting While on the Throttle

    No expert on the matter but I would imagine it would be a good idea for your transmissions sake to at least let off the throttle. But I don't shift like that, I work that clutch like a second throttle and am always using that sucker.
  8. There is a governor down there that actuates it at certain speeds, btw while doing your topend make sure you don't pull the lever out to far because it can fall back down in a manner it won't operate. Kinda hard to explain just be careful that you don't jack with it to much or you could find yourself having to take the crankcase cover off and need another gasket.
  9. Cheb44

    Brakes. Wave or solid?

    Some of you really do need to research a bit more. A brake pad's maximum grip is generated at the moment of initial bite, and once that initial bite has occurred, the levels of grip tend to fall off in a predictable manner. The reason that the Galfer Wave rotors can produce much more grip and sustain it throughout the entire braking process is that the actual "Waves" in the brake disk are engineered and located in such a way as to constantly provide a new area for the brake pads to "bite" into while the disk is rotating! Since the brake pads are constantly getting a fresh bite out of the disk as it rotates they are always at the optimum braking point. They do help with cooling as well but the biggest advantage is stopping power, which is not that noticeable on small bikes like ours. They also do tend to eat brakes a bit more that standard disks.
  10. Cheb44

    No power and full throttle bog

    Well I had a somewhat similar issue on my 03 250. It was a jetting issue, what it was doing is it would run fine for awhile on a new plug but after awhile it would foul the plug and have similar symptoms as yours. However you say the plug looks fine? If so then probably reeds or in need of a good carb cleaning as stated above.
  11. Cheb44

    Exhaust valve rod problem (UPDATED)

    ebay new in the factory sealed box still
  12. Cheb44

    Exhaust valve rod problem (UPDATED)

    Ok rod was jammed in the up position, had to take off the crankcase cover and remove the rod which is damaged so ordered a new one. This has been a terrible rebuild, found out one of the cir clips partially dislodged and gouged the cylinder wall now the rods bent and the two screws that hold it on were stripped by previous owner I am assuming so had to heat the crap out of them and luckily a hand impact was able to get them out. Ordered a new cylinder for 249.00 shipped figured at that price its about the same as a re-plate. Also the rod cost about 48.00 with new crankcase gasket and screws. Seeing as how this would be considered a very extensive rebuild for a two stroke and it has only cost me 441.00 dollars has just reaffirmed the fact that I am never going to own a four stroke.
  13. Hey guys, Ok I swear I have seen this problem on here before but am having no luck finding a solution. My bikes a 2003 250. I started my topend rebuild today and I am at the point that the cylinder is back on. My problem is the exhaust valve rod, its stuck in the up position which I assume is wrong because the manual shows it down plus it couldn't move where its at unless it pulls down. Just to clarify I am talking about the rod that goes into the bottom end on the governor. I don't wanna procede so if someone knows please help so I can finish my rebuild and ride again
  14. Cheb44

    Tulsa Riding Buddies

    I'm kind of in the same boat you are. Except a little older =) and in Muskogee. I am planning to go to Gruber maybe this weekend. Not sure how wet its going to be though and I have only been out there once so don't know it too well. Anyway I enjoy some track time myself though I suck but hey won't get better without practice. I would be up for going to Inola or Alpha maybe. Inola isn't to bad though its been some time since I have been there.
  15. Cheb44


    I got another question is there a good forum for Oklahoma riders or for Tulsa by chance.