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  1. DRxDR

    DR650 Service Manual

    I have a DR650 paper repair manual for sale if anyone is interested. $25 shipped PM me. Wayne
  2. Try another dealer! I bought my '07 SM from them and their tech had installed the Akra slip-ons without the gaskets in place which soon resulted in leakage and the loosening of the connector bolts. While I was redoing it I noticed that they had evidently lost some of the shield S/S Torx bolts and replaced them with some crap steel hex heads. They told me that it had the Akra remap installed, when in fact, not only was it not installed but they didn't even have the equipment on site to do it with. All of this and more occurred in Feb of '08 which led me to loose faith in the dealership. Hopefully they have improved their service or you too may be receiving less than adequate diagnostics.
  3. DRxDR

    2007 690 sm stalling issue

    My 690 SM used to stall a bit after installing the Akra slip-ons without the screened diffuser since the exhaust back-pressure was lowered so much. Almost never stalled with the diffuser in place but after having the Akra map installed (note! must install both the FI map "and" the EPT map which is 2 different downloads from the KTM website using the KTM diagnostics box) the motor never stalls... without operator error. The motor currently fuels perfectly with or without the diffusers in place. BTW, I think this theory about the reluctor ring rotating recall in the UK will not apply to stalling and only affect a motor which runs poorly at all RPM. If the orig posters problems began after installing the new exhaust then I'd suspect that the reduced back-pressure is the issue. It may be solved with a restrictor or remapped with the Akra or both. The next options would be the adjustment of the THAD/APAD settings but these should only be adjusted by qualified KTM mechanics. wayne
  4. DRxDR

    690 Duke brakes and handling

    I think it's a good thing that many Euro countries actually require that one become proficient at motorcycle riding prior to licencing and often require that younger riders start off on smaller displacement motorcycles and build up to operating a more powerful bike. Good luck on your test and like the other poster suggested, use all front brake since the rear will become very light under hard braking. BTW; In what distance are you required to stop and at what speed? wayne
  5. DRxDR

    KTM 690 SM Exhaust problem

    The charcoal canister is located in the tail section of your bike, not in the air filter box, and only serves to recycle spilled fuel or fumes from the tank vent located on the gas cap. The stalling at idle is quite common and you'll have a hard time finding a "hop-up" site since the bike is fuel injected and requires a diagnostics device to remap the ECU and EPT. Ask your dealer if he is going to get the new RC8 type of diagnostics device ($2,200) which is supposed to improve the maping/adjusting of the components. wayne
  6. Seems as if a number of owners are experiencing stalling after installing an after-market exhasust due to the decrease in backpressure. You can try to put in a baffle, spark arrestor or do a remap and hope for the best. Keep us posted as to your solution. wayne
  7. Why put extra wear on a motor which will pull 70 mph at about 1,000 RPM less with ease? An hour is long time time to run at near 7K RPM and the higher stock gearing should provide better fuel milage. My SM is doing about 62 MPH at 4K RPM, IIRC. wayne
  8. DRxDR

    690 valve inspection

    '07 690 SM: Valves still at center spec at 2,000 miles and I hope they stay that way since you must remove the rocker shafts/rockers to access the shims. It's a PITA to remove the valve cover with all of the SAS stuff in the way so I removed the SAS system and put a 500 ohm resistor across the plug terminals to avoid a FI warning light. Bike still running perfect at 3,200 miles and will probably recheck the valves at about 5K. Once the motor gets bedded in and the initial adjustment done then the duration between valve checks can run out to the 6K interval. wayne
  9. DRxDR

    690sm handguards

    Cycra probends installed here: http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=255493 wayne
  10. DRxDR

    KTM 690 Fender Eliminator?

    This guy makes the brackets for around $20 and sells them on ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/customizedbikeparts_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZ0QQftidZ2QQtZkm "fender eliminator" wayne