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  1. nori41

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    They come motarded already don't they?
  2. nori41

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Updated photos of my 290
  3. Some updated photos of my 290
  4. nori41

    FIRST LOOK: 2014 YZ450F !

    Did you not know? There is only one smart "people" on this forum, and it isn't us!!
  5. Owned from new- done a few mods since
  6. nori41

    Gas tank

    Hi Anyone out there fitted up an '05 petrol tank on an 03/04 WR. I really like the slimmer design of the 05 and need to know if its a viable option. Thanks
  7. nori41

    Newbie and his WR250F 2004

    You still have a mighty fine bike there.
  8. nori41

    Newbie and his WR250F 2004

    Unless youve borrowed your air scoops from an 03, you have an 03
  9. nori41

    2005 WR250F Tank graphics yellow'd

    Buy some white vinyl sheets then trace the outline of the white decals with see through paper, then transfer to vinyl and apply on top of yellowing graphics. I did this about 3 years ago and still looking fresh. (be sure and put lots of pin holes in the new vinyl or it will bubble up.
  10. nori41

    '05 Gas Tank WR

    Hi, Has anyone fitted the slimmer tank that was fitted on the 05 WR to the 04 or 03? Does it fit straight up? How about the seat, is that compatible too? Thanks in advance
  11. nori41


    Well I charged the battery and its a little better. it does start on the 1st press, it just hesitates to get it turning over, like it needs to think about it a while? I need a more thorough check of the battey, it may be past its best.
  12. nori41


    The battery is fresh. I have the stock WR intake cam and the YZ exhaust cam, both timed correctly.
  13. nori41


    When i press the button theres a slight turnover sometimes nothing . Have nt tried kickstarting, will check tomorrow. Would like to just use the button though- I'm a bit lazy that way!
  14. nori41


    Hi Just fitted an Athena 290 kit which I'm very pleased with. However it takes a couple of presses of the button now to fire her up, the first attempt doesn't turn over. Am guessing this is due to an increase in compression? Anyone suffered the same problem and have any solutions? Thanks