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  1. crowerpowerhp

    Maxing out my 450

    almost forgot tration control while your at i can set that up too..
  2. crowerpowerhp

    Maxing out my 450

    formmula uuuhhh while your at it send it over to me and we will stuff a titanium rod in there and some airsprings so you can twist it on up to 13000. we can reduce the rotational mass like the nascar products we do.
  3. crowerpowerhp

    JE piston longevity update - pics and micrometer reading

    the hondas never fire dry in the cylinder no matter what you do. the oiljet sprays instantly all over the walls. in 80 revolutions its soaked. so dry is impossible prety much. pre kicking a new engine 3 or 4 times is all it takes and the walls are wet
  4. crowerpowerhp

    piston/valve interference

    ahhh ok... thank ryan. ...... got a slipper clutch for the 150 now. working great.you need any
  5. crowerpowerhp

    piston/valve interference

    if the kibble steel valves are thicker on the margiin it might hit the piston. they may protrude further out and touch somewhere , or your cam slipped. if it runs like crap in the retarded position you know there's something wrong with those valves thickness and you need to put the cam back in std. position. 5150 you said after we reground your megacycle last year it was better than anything you had ever tried ? , remember when you came to my shop , the megacycle had so much lift it broke your cam housing !!! and i hooked you up big time...thanks for nothing. you forget who helped you out? !!!
  6. crowerpowerhp

    Insatlled Hotcam, now won't start.

    there is not a 1 year old piston thats any good in a crf 250 r...you need to put a topend on that thing and quit hoping its ok... its worn out , i bet it needs new head and valves and cylinder and piston for sure.... i see this a bout 2 times a week with older 06' 07' and clapped out 08's that hese kids bring in...
  7. crowerpowerhp

    Hot Cams and jetting

    all 250 kawis need jetting even with stock cams...... we had a boat named camman back in 77'
  8. crowerpowerhp

    Testing the 09 CRF

    talked to kyle lewis friday and he told me the 450 is like a 250f but with a retarded fast engine. no bog , not even a pop. feels like the worlds fastest 250f..... maybe too much bottom end power almost , may need a smoother delivery and more over rev is what he wants me to build into the cam and mapping. should have it here soon. sounds like the rmz 450 type of power delivery.....almost too much off the bottom and not enough up top...... kyle rode the 09' 250 f and said very good , almost the same bike as 2008'but runs way better. perfect carb manners... nice to hear thats working better.
  9. crowerpowerhp

    09 crf450

    the newly crowned ama championship suzukis run std. pump and efi nozzle, pressure etc..crower spl. cams and power commander and yoshi programmer are used together. the yoshi for spark , the pc for fuel mix. top secret maps you cant buy.... the same with 09' honda's. it will be whom has the best cam and map program that are tuned as a package with brand X pipe. glad we had those zooks this year to learn all this
  10. crowerpowerhp

    2007 rmz250 mods

    some new specs on cams that are working very good. theres a new .380" / 243 intake we are testing real happy with it. and the new exh . .343" / 243 ( kxf lobe) runs very strong on 14.1 and higher compression engines. if its using a stock piston i would run the stock exh. cam
  11. crowerpowerhp

    Cam or Pipe?

    with just the right cam our bikes get another 1.5 hp and almost 2 ftlbs of bottom torque at 7000 rpm! and the throttle response and carburation improves with it a lot.... takes away reversion in the intake which helps get rid of the bog under 5k rpms. mucho good
  12. crowerpowerhp

    Come on honda...Where is your 2009 CRF?

    the new engine is shorter on the 250 i heard from my sorces. there trying to lower cg always. the new 250 cam and rockers system is kinda like a 150 with 2 exh. rockers that are lighter and rev higher. . more rpm also plus 300rpm from 08' rev limit. new 450 cam and head also shorter.
  13. crowerpowerhp

    Yves Edge 40+ HP kit

    i know this guy and he is a great builder and tuner , we have done some cam work for yves and he knows his business , keep up the good work.... i here the engines are rippn
  14. crowerpowerhp

    crf valve train

    its a little smoother in the low end slightly less bottom end with stock piston, but way nicer longer mid to top end that does not sign off. runs very good on pump gas with stock piston and 45 pilot and 170-172 main in the summer weather. picks up a good 2 hp tuned like this
  15. crowerpowerhp

    crf valve train

    yes robo67 your on the right track now , our ramps are shorter on our new crf 450 cam vs the stock intake ramps. oem honda is around 328degree's at .006" lift at no lash. our new 407 lobe is only 312 degrees at .006" so right here our cam gains 3-5 lbs off cyllinder pressure because of an early IC , but at .200 valve lift our cam has 13 degrees more duration there where the pistons negative pressure is filling the chamber/cyl. better because it open 13 degrees longer where it matters. chew on that a minute it will help you get it .