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  1. Honda

    SURVEY SAYS: SHIMS! We re-shimmed it to correct specs and shes a easy starter once again! thanks guys!
  2. My friend just picked up an 05 TRX450r, ran fine when testing prior to buying, guy had it warmed up already. Now i think we know why, haha. Has a yoshimura full exhaust system, K&N filter with an open airbox. Not sure if its jetted properly for Wisconson's cold air or whatever, but when its cold it doesnt want to start. Everyone's right leg is sore. We choke it, unchoke it, sometimes it just pops like someone is firing a gun, but it wont fire with kickstarting. So we push it and i stomp it into 1st and she fires right up and runs 100% perfect... Engine has plenty of compression and starts just like any other 450r after its warmed up, but as soon as it cools off, game over, pretty much have to push start it no matter what. Could it be jetting? Recomendations?? New plug? too thick of oil? The lid is off the airbox, but i dont see that affecting much since stock is a 50/50 type deal. Any help/info is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  3. My 05 does it when i downshift for engine breaking really hard into corners. Kinda sucks, but oh well, at least i know its not something else, haha.
  4. i completly eliminated my hot start setup, never used it, still dont...
  5. Seems like the bike runs on the rich side even in colder weather (55*) last night at my local indoor track. Stock is a 172 main, i just picked up and installed a 175. Going to leave the needle alone and maybe play with the air/fuel a little bit if need be. Just about to button everything back up right now and give it a rip with the new pipe!
  6. damn, as if a stock CRF250 didnt have enough bottom end, haha. Thanks guys!
  7. I have a 05 CRF250, just bought a full WB Carbon pro used, so no instructions telling me jet sizing. Think i can get away on stock jetting, just raise the needle a click? Honestly over the stock unit to the WB, i cant see it being much of a difference. I know my WB kit for my RMZ came with its own jets, took the guesswork out, haha. I might also venture into removing the backfire screen from the intake. Think i should go 1 up on the pilot and maybe 4 up on the main along with raising the needle a click? I live in IL, so the air here is good. let me know what you guys think.
  8. junk...
  9. starcross's last about one weekend of riding on my 50. They grip well when they are new. As for durability the shinko (sp?) is king of lasting over time. Only tire that can last more than 2 weekends for me, haha.
  10. ya, now keep all the OEM red plastics...
  11. hot cams baby! I might sell mine if i go with an aftermarket cam.. make me an offer.
  12. PS, MAX348.. &%$#@! is your deal? 04-06 CRF250's weigh less then a 00-06 CR250 2 stroke... Unless this is some inside joke that i obviously know nothing about, haha.
  13. Those wouldnt be the same set of wheels i just bought off ebay would they? haha. Guy had em on his 02 CR250 and said that he wanted them on his 05 CRF250, but had to sell blah blah blah. I looked up the part numbers for the hubs... The front hubs w/ carries for the 02-05 cr250 and 04-06 CRF250 are the same! The rear Hubs w/ carriers for the 02-05 CR250 and 04-06 CRF250 are the SAME! SCORE! 00-01 CR250 rims will fit a 04-06 CRF250 too, BUT you have to use the 01 CR250 rear brake rotor. Yes i did some research....
  14. uuuhhhhhhh.... Is your last name "Clause"
  15. " STUPID F---IN KTM" or "Who the hell makes KTM anyhow?"