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  1. claytl

    crf 250 valves

    It is used for cross country racing maybe 5 races now it needs adj valves after every ride. hard to start and no clearance when tested. It really has been a problem since new.
  2. claytl

    crf 250 valves

    I need to replace the valves on a 2006 crf 250. Whuch valves do I need stock, ferrah, stainless, ?????
  3. claytl

    o6 yz450

    The bike is popping and backfiring. Like a car out of time. Not blubbering like dirt in the carburetor. Changed the plug and checked the cap.
  4. claytl

    o6 yz450

    Was running fine until crashed on right side. Now it is very hard to start, usually needs to be pushed off. And is really running rough?