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  1. bbf rider

    My DIY Battery Powered Cooling Fan

    I put a 90cfm computer fan on my 2011 with a bar mounted manual switch. I ride lots of gnarly single track and have never overheated since the install. I also have a 1.6 bar radiator cap which makes a big difference. For comparison, I think the KTM fan kit is rated at 135 cfm. So yes, my experience says that 140cfm fan will be plenty. Even if you're sawing away at it in the mudholes.
  2. bbf rider

    Central Ohio Riders

    theaton is exactly right. If the first BMV office gives you a hard time, try a different one.
  3. bbf rider

    Central Ohio Riders

    If you want to do some real off-roading, then get a license plate for that YZ. The local ACES organization has several clubs that put on some killer enduros and dual sports in southern Ohio. The first one is in March. Check aces-races.com There is an indoor moto track in Anna that is fun. ohiomotocrossarena.com
  4. bbf rider

    2011 crf 450 flywheel

    I put a +17oz. Trail Tech flywheel on my 11. I was surprised at how sublte it felt. The normal FWW benefits were there but nothing drastic. I felt no negative effects at all. Did the same thing on my previous 2008 YZ450F and the difference felt much greater. Not sure why. FWIW: I also had the Injectioneering mod done to my throttle body. That improvement was much greater than the flywheel for controlling power/traction in slippery off-road conditions. And Wade (@ Injectioneering) was great to work with.
  5. bbf rider

    Headlight on a 08?possible?

    I have a 2011 450R that I'm also trying to get a headlight for. I've looked at both X and R in the showroom and it sure doesn't look like the X headlight will clear the R steering damper. The damper on the X models is mounted higher than the R models. I assume it was done that way to clear the headlight. I don't think any traditional headlight will clear the R damper. I'm assuming I'll have to make a custom headlight. Please post up if you find one off the shelf that will work.
  6. bbf rider

    2011 Judder Spring

    I did. This eliminates the long friction zone of the stock setup. The motor no longer wants to stall when I pull in the clutch and lock the rear brake. I've done one 75-mile off-road ride since this mod and it was all good. It even starts easily in gear.
  7. bbf rider

    Steahly flywheel 17oz

    I installed a Trail Tech +17oz. flywheel on my 2011. It was definitely an improvement but not as extreme as I was expecting. I'm glad I didn't get a smaller one. Stalling was reduced and now the engine will easily start in gear.
  8. bbf rider

    How to fix 2011 CRF450 clutch

    The judder spring is a ring of steel approx. 6mm wide. It rides inside the inner diameter of the inner-most fiber plate. Because the spring takes up 6mm of space, that inner-most fiber plate has less fiber than all the others. It will make perfect sense when you see it. If you Google "honda judder spring" and click on "images" you'll see plenty of examples. Just remove the spring, the flat washer it rides against, and the inner-most fiber. Put a regular fiber plate in their place and reassemble.
  9. bbf rider

    How to fix 2011 CRF450 clutch

    #1 is due completely to the jutter spring setup. I removed mine and replaced it with a standard fiber plate. It completely makes the clutch engagement feel "normal". That is what MXA was recommending. They were not talking about the pressure plate. The jutter spring sits within the inner diameter of the inner most fiber plate. I fixed #2 with a Works Connection Elite clutch lever and perch. The distance between the pivot and the cable end is 3mm shorter which gives you 11% easier pull. #3 is harder to fix. I haven't had that problem so I can't offer much help.
  10. bbf rider

    How to fix 2011 CRF450 clutch

    What exactly is your complaint? Long lever pull? Stiff lever pull? Fades quickly? I only ask because different people have different complaints, depending on how they ride. I ride my 2011 in the woods so my complaints were about the lever feel. Moto guys complain about fade. The fixes are totally different. Why did MXA recommend the 2010 pressure plate? I searched but couldn't find that info anywhere.
  11. bbf rider

    Bad mistake Sunday!

    The 11M has a judder spring in the clutch. It's located in the furthest inner fiber plate. It's supposed to be for increased durability but it also creates a really long clutch pull. i.e.-Long "friction zone". With 2 fingers on the lever, it's almost impossible to completely disengage the clutch before bottoming on your other 2 fingers. I removed the judder spring and partial fiber plate and replaced them with a standard fiber plate. Now it feels like a clutch should. No more long friction zone. Much easier to ride without stalling.
  12. bbf rider

    Trials FRONT tire Why not?

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. Very helpful. I just thought that since my 19" rear wheel prevents me from putting one on the back, maybe the next best thing would be a trials on the front.
  13. There are many posts about the trials rear tire being excellent for woods riding as long as you don't skid or roost a lot. So it sounds like it would make a great front tire. I've seen a few guys running trials tires at both ends but why doesn't anyone run a trials front and a knobby rear????