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  1. Hi. Need to buy a new chain for my 04 xr400. Too many options out there and I don't know what really matters in a good chain. Would appreciate any advice on buying a quality chain for my bike. The chain on the bike now is the stock chain I think, and is kinked in a few spots, and has o-rings popping out in a couple places. Also curious how long should a chain last if taken care of properly? Tried to search but didn't find much info.
  2. mreks

    water in oil?

    I just drained the oil in my 04 xr400, and as the last of the oil drained (tipping the bike to get as much out as possible) beads of what i assume is water came shooting out. Anyone had this problem? I know last time i washed the bike, i didn't have the exhaust plugged, mabye a bit got in that way. Should I be concerned? Supposed to go out on a good ride today, and would hate to be going out with a potential problem. Thanks in advance
  3. mreks

    F.Y.I. Last Man Standing

    thanks for the heads up - i'll be watching
  4. mreks

    Dear Honda...

    man, i hope you are right
  5. mreks

    Pics of Mountain Home

    holy crap - where is that? how far from truckee??
  6. thanks for all the input. i think patching is the way to go, I like the putty idea (is quicksteel the sort of stuff you're talking about?) if it doesn't hold up then I can always do a better job of it later. as for how it happened, I let someone else ride my bike that weekend and maybe he has an idea...Mike, you reading this Guess I'll have to make something up...
  7. Found a tiny little crack in the clutch side motor cover that leaks ever so slowly. Can this be patched/welded? I imagine it would be best to replace the cover but I would rather spend the money on tires, and I don't know how difficult it would be to replace (is it a bolt off/on deal?) given my limited motorcycle repair experience Looks like it could be patched - maybe JB Weld or something like that? I could probably have someone weld it right if that's a better way to go. Pics should help... Thanks for any advice and happy roosting for all!
  8. check http://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/ if you're going from vegas to seattle, I've seen a few nice ones in Reno and bought one myself
  9. mreks

    Newbie looking for location recommendations

    If you ever come up tp Truckee there's lots of trails and camping but not alot of crowds
  10. mreks

    drained front brake, how to refill?

    got some dot 4 at the shop. yup - they said watch out for paint thanks for the info - I'll try it out tomorrow. cmanno, good tip, sounds like it doesn't make a mess
  11. first off - I am an idiot but how else am I gonna learn if I don't f@#$ some stuff up to fix? I managed to loosen the bolt that holds the fitting tight on the front brake resivoir (master cylinder?) while changing my handlebars the other day. then today I noticed a drip from the resivoir while out riding and I eventually lost all my front brake fluid. I figured it out when I got back (didn't realize it had to be so tight) but I am wondering how I should go about refilling it tomorrow. can I just pop the cover off the resivoir and fill it back up with brake fluid? does anything have to be bled? (it only leaked from the fitting when I squeezed the brake) any special fluid to use? any info would be much appreciated, I've been searching to forum but I am really not much of a mechanic (surprise!) and am a little lost...
  12. mreks

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Truckee here. New rider, but I can ride right out of my garage to Prosser. Anybody else up here?
  13. Thanks for the advice. I read an article on how to set the sag and will hopefully get my buddy to help me out with that sooner than later. I'm gonna order a skid plate right away, utah sportcycle seems like a good one to me. And I think I'd like to get some high bend bars on too, so I can mount the heavy duty bark busters (more for the levers protection than mine but I'm having a hard time deciphering what bar/bend to be looking at. Everyone seems to love them renthals, but there are too many options for this noob. Aluminum? Tapers? I don't really know what to make of it all. I think I read that the jimmy button bend is a higher bend, that true?
  14. I don't think he did any mods to the suspension, he barely rode the thing... I weigh about 200, give or take depending on the season... As far as riding up here, Prosser pits is about 2 miles from my house and they have a couple of mx tracks and tons of trails to ride. Then there's moonrocks about an hour away i think. And there must be miles and miles of trails up in the sierra valley and up by portola. I haven't done much riding up here (yet) but I'd wager that if you bring your bike up, you might not see much of your mom
  15. hi y'all!! been lurking here for a while, first deciding what bike to buy, then trying to learn anything I could while looking for the right deal. So I brought home a really low mileage 04 xr400 tonight, and I can barely wait til tomorrow to go out and ride the thing. first bike i've ever owned wanna see a pic? ok... I think I weigh a bit more than the previous owner, do I have to worry about adjusting the suspension right away? I figure it will take me a little while to get used to the bike, so performance isn't really an issue - but can I do any damage to the shock and forks if they're set for a lighter rider? Also I think I might want to set up the handlebars for my size sooner than later. I'm about 6'3" and this bike has the stock bars. Anyone have a recommendation for a good setup on this bike for my size? Risers maybe? I want to figure this out asap so I can get some heavy duty barkbusters on there, and it seems that the different bars take different mounts to get the guards on. Thanks in advance, and if anyone lives near Truckee, CA and wants to go for a ride with a noob, lemme know - cheers!