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    xr500 cam chain trouble

    Ya, I'd like to replace the chain and guides just to be safe, but I'm having a helluva time finding the parts. You're absolutely right about it being an interference valve train, so that could get ugly. Meanwhile, I've got the tensioner taking up the slack, and the chain appears to be in fair shape. I wish I new the length of the chain to measure the stretch. What gets me is the mechanics of it and how close it runs to the part of the block it's rubbing against. I know I'm missing something, I'll have to look at it and scratch my head some more. Maybe I'll try to get a picture of it. Thanks! Nick,
  2. Hello everyone, I have an old '79 XR500, it runs great and looks bad, but the cam chain is rubbing on the block inside. I'm hoping someone is familiar with the old 500 and how the chain is routed in the motor. Mine is rubbing just above the crank sprocket very near the oil pass thru tube that is between the chain, this is also just below where the jug mounts to the casing. And it appears that the chain might be off center towards the inside of the motor too. It also has the spring loaded flexable tensioner if that helps. I don't understand how this design was supposed to work, with the tensioner and guid in place, that chain seems way too close the block and that little oil pass thru. Help! Thanks guys! Nick,