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  1. Rvrhwki

    Looking for foglights for a DR650

    Anyone found a good foglight setup for the DR? From doing a seach on the subject it seems that people that have tried a pair of 55 watts found it was just too much for the system and killed the battery. I have been trying to find some lights that are rated at less than 55 watts each but have not had any luck. I have also looked for lower watt bulbs that I could possibly swap out the bulb in a 55 watt unit but no luck here either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Rvrhwki

    IMS tank reserve?

    Has anyone else had any problems with the IMS valve not working in the reserve position? While out riding my dr650 this afternoon, the bike started to surge, so I reached down and turned the valve to reserve. No fuel flowing. The tank appeared to still have about 2" on the left side , so I layed it down on the left to get the fuel out of the right side. Still no flow. After pushing the bike over a mile to a station and filling it up, it fires right up. The IMS was already on the bike when I got it, so I'm in the dark on how the valve looks in the tank other than seeing the tube sticking up. I'm assuming it draws out of the top of the tube in the normal valve position and draws out of the valve base in the reserve position? Any insight that will keep me from having to push the beast again would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Rvrhwki

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    Speaking of urban dual sporting, the tract of land where hendley homes used to be off rosewood looks like it would be a fun place to ride. Like the spot by lex. hospital, i'm sure it would draw LE attention fast. On a different note, anyone had a chance to check out the new cyclegear store on St. andrews road? Someone told me that everything was 20% off for the grand opening, but i have not had a chance to go check it out.
  4. Rvrhwki

    Dr650 stock rack question/Mods

    I'm wanting to setup my bike (ie the low buck route) so I can carry enough camping gear for a few days. My bike already has the stock rack and thou its well made, it lacks surface area. I was thinking about making an overlay plate out of 5/32 Alum. with the dimensions of around 12" x24" kinda like the rack extension that dual star makes for the klr. http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Brand/Kawasaki/KLR%20650%20Rack%20Extension.htm any thoughts or ideas? Also does anyone out there know what the weight limit is for the stock rack?
  5. Rvrhwki

    dr200 owners, are you looking 4 a rear luggage rack?

    I've been looking for aftemarket parts for the 96 Dr 200 that I have had for 2 months and have not had much luck either. I did find one company that makes a rack http://www.cycleracks.com/pricing/index.php but not sure if I'm ready to put down that many coins, thou it looks like its a well made rack. I've thought about building one myself also. Possibly using a rack off of a random junkyard bike and just fabricating some brackets to weld on. A skid plate it another item that I have been looking for but have not had any luck. anyone ever seen one for a dr 200?
  6. Rvrhwki

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    I'm new to the dual sporting scene, and so far have just been trying to build my skills riding on the street. I think i'm to the point where I'm ready to progress to mixing in some dirt road riding with the paved riding. Does anyone know any good routes around the midlands? I have rode some in the lower richland area, but did not find much there. I know there are a few down in the wagner area near the north and south edisto river that are fairly long. Anybody been down that way any?
  7. Rvrhwki

    96 DR200SE Valve specs

    Thanks for the reply Stephan. You don't happen to have the factory valve specs for the intake/ exaust by chance do you? Also, how have the kenda tires been working for you? Mine still has the trail wings and even thou they are still in good shape, I need to find a replacement for them.
  8. Rvrhwki

    96 DR200SE Valve specs

    I'm new to the forum and had a guestion regarding the valve specs for a 96 DR200SE that I just purchased. The bike seems to have been well maintained(1400 miles) so all I have done to the bike so far is adjust the chain. I would like to check the valve adjustment since it seems to be a little noisy when in the higher rpms. Are special feeler guages required or will normal automotive one work? What other tools are required? I read in an earlier post regarding a dr350 that a special tool made the job alot easier. I have checked valve specs on car engines before, but being this is my first motorcycle, this is a learning experience for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.