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  1. Just bought a smc after selling a 640 and its a much better engine, chalk and cheese.
  2. Old post i know but just got back from another trip from france and into spain, got to watch the spanish gp and see most of the sights, and get some decent offroad riding in.
  3. Im south wales pontypridd, dont get to ride much now, i have a DRZ 400, im more into touring more now, got back from Northern spain last june (pico's mountains) just ordered a Baja tank so i can get more miles out of it, like to ride the beacons and Llanwonno when i get a chance, plus sarn helen and neath resolven.
  4. Fantastic Video, those hills at the start look steep.
  5. A few friends entered a 3 hour MotoX event today and i tagged alomg to try out my new camera. Race Face And Were off Third Bend Arse opener!! And the rest random pic's
  6. Another Taff, South wales
  7. Thanks for your help guys
  8. Im looking on ebay at manuals on CD rom around 4 quid
  9. So i would be right in saying this wouldn't fit the E model as it doesn't have the rear subframe unlike the S model which does have.
  10. Did a bit of searching and found this. These specs are directly from Suzuki PR: Suzuki DR-Z400E Valve Lift Intake: 8.9mm Valve Lift Exhaust: 9.3mm Intake Open: 14 BTDC Intake Close: 66 ABDC Exhaust Open: 65 BBDC Exhaust Close: 29 ATDC Suzuki DR-Z400S Valve Lift Intake: 8.5mm Valve Lift Exhaust: 8.2mm Intake Open: 20 BTDC Intake Close: 55 ABDC Exhaust Open: 56 BBDC Exhaust Close: 19 ATDC any idea how these are adjusted is it shims or the old fashioned way with a screwdriver and a feeler gauge.
  11. Ive got a 2001 DRZ400s model and there's a tapping noise under rev's, its had a manual cam chain tensioner fitted but may need adjusting, ive also never had the valve gap adjusted, can they be adjusted and if so any idea of the clearence on inlet and exhaust (remember its the S model if that makes a difference) Failing that is there a common problem with the DRZ, i was happy with it until a mate said one day can i hear a tapping, ever since then ive had a twitch everytime i ride it.
  12. Hi can i ask how its fitted, i can see that it uses the two 6mm bolts that go through the seat, but was wondering where else its bolted, some detailed pic's would be nice if you get a chance.
  13. Should be available in the US with abit of searching, if not ask seller via the ebay system if he would ship to the usa probs double the postage though.