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  1. Happy Birthday Socal Paul!

  2. You have to splice the wires.. If you buy the kit for the DRZ, the bolt patterns will not line up. You will have to drill. Even if you bought the universal kit you have to drill.
  3. The stealership should only take less than an hour and charge you for oil and filter. Should run you about $60.00.. Don't pay anymore than that or you're getting ripped off!
  4. Same here.. I think that it's regular price is listed at 799.00 for 5 years.
  5. No worries dude.. It's all good. Next time tell me the route just in case...
  6. +2 for Claus's ride.. That bike was sick!!!
  7. Thanks Brandon! It was cool meeting everyone too. Unfortunately I got stuck behind 2 slow SUV's and when I finally was able to pass them everyone was gone. I rode all they down to PCH and was hoping everyone was there waiting, but found no one. So I back tracked up to see if you guys turned off somewhere. Ended up on Mulholland Hwy and rode a bit there. It was fun. Next time I need to get up front and stay there. All in all, it was a good day! Hope to hook up with you guys again.
  8. Now it makes perfect sense! Thank you sandman! Where can I purchase one of the steavakus Servo Subs? Thanks also for the great tip regarding the warranty!!!!
  9. I called the local Yamaha dealer and asked if there was a place to plug the EXUP on the GYTR and they said it slips on after the cables. They claim that you don't have to unplug anything. Is this correct? I would like to keep it with all of the components not to void my 5 year waranty. Is this possible? Anything info would be much appreciated. Thank you. Paul
  10. That was great! Your boy shows some real talent!
  11. LOL - what a bozo! Show me Anahiem 2 while you're at it!!
  12. Dude, Throw that sh*t in the garbage and use some good'ole 91 gas...!
  13. Great write up RedF!!! And of course, fantastic job and putting that bike together. It's a real sweet ride!!!
  14. Hi All, Any X's live around the San Fernando Valley that want to hook up and ride locally? Let me know. Thanks. Paul
  15. That's funny. I thought it was me until you said Kanan & PCH.. I was on Mulholland between Cold Water Cyn & Sepulveda around 2pm... The weather was perfect! Just a heads up, there is a Cop on a bike with a radar gun just between Beverly Glen and Roscomare. Speed limit is 35. He was pulling over people left and right.. First time I have ever seen them there in my life..