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  1. chevelle ss

    08 seem to be missing something

    i bought a 08 ridden 1 season clean as they come when i ride it i just seems to be missing somethingawhile backi bought a 05 off the show roomfloor and for some reason the 05 seemed to have i over it no mater what gear i was in a crack of the throttle and the front tire was off the ground. i ride i speed trails all tarrain the front was off the ground than on that made it a real fun factor my 08 dont seem to do that. i brang it to the dealer he looked it over and said that is one clean bike and there is no way the 05 had more its in my head. i been on a few rides and i know something must be out of adjustments any ideas? im not looking for speed just the torque to lift it up for the fun factor. also what cam would be best for what im looking for?
  2. chevelle ss

    05 crf450r vs 08 crf450r

    the bike starts right up, seems to run idle good, no misfiring or back firing just seemed to lack that rush of fast hitting power like riding a 2 stroke and not feeling the reeds kick in or driving a older car with a 4 barrel carb and when you floor it only 2 of the 4 barrels open
  3. chevelle ss

    05 crf450r vs 08 crf450r

    stock gearing and yea i was comparing the power feel to the 05 , i trail ride and the fun factor of the less smoother power for me was challanaging and fun as hell. if its the timing retard im sure there is a way around that, is there? i may bring it to the dealer and have a check over. also was cold out jetting could have played a big part. i was hoping the 08 would have had even more explosive power but better straight line handeling over hi speed choppy tarain. i would get alot of head shakes from the 05 changed the springs to my weight im a light rider and never did get rid of the head shake of the 05. but i loved that explosive power the challange and fun factor was great. so what i want is that same explosive power without the head shakes and figured the 08 was it. but like i said it was coldout and i didnt have much seat time.
  4. chevelle ss

    05 crf450r vs 08 crf450r

    i had a 05 crf and that bike was crazy powerfull. had the bike 2 years and had to sell now 5 years latter i buy a mint ridden i season buy a middle aged man. its still alittle eairly well alot eairly but i had to take a ride. i went out for about 1 hr and it didnt seem like it was even close to my 05. my 05 would stand up in every gear. i took the 08 on the long straight back tar road. i could get it up some in the first two but it felt like it was missing something. the best way to describe it would be a 2 stroke without the hit of the reed valves. the bike is very clean and looks new. i have had a few bikes in my day and this bike is tight. anyone have a idea of what would cause this. am i missing something. n i use to have on my 05 was on tar wheeling past my buddy in top gear. were is the animal thats supose to be there
  5. chevelle ss

    1984 kx 125 kick start lever

    cant find it. i cant believe nobody knows what years interchange. im not to good with using the computer.
  6. chevelle ss

    1984 kx 125 kick start lever

    will a kick start from a 84 kx 250 work
  7. chevelle ss

    1984 kx 125 kick start lever

    bought bike without kick start
  8. chevelle ss

    1984 kx 125 kick start lever

    im looking to buy a kick start lever for a 1984 kx 125. also im looking for a plastic kit. i just bought a cheap kx 125 at a tag sale and looking to fix up. weres a good place to get parts for a 1984
  9. chevelle ss

    low spark yamaha yzinger 50

    i have very little spark on a 85 yzinger 50 im guessing its one of three things. coil, cdi box or stator. how do i determin what one it is without throwing parts at it
  10. chevelle ss

    top end break in

    i have seen in past trends when you put in a new piston and rings the assembly is put together dry without oil then kicked over alot of times to seat the rings. can this be done on a twin 2 stroke snowmobile?
  11. chevelle ss

    Cam comparisons

    so what is the best cam to get for real fast all around trail riding. i have alot of sections were i go 4th and 5ith wide open. then there is tight trails and tech hills to climb
  12. if anyone has a stock head pipe for sale drop me a line.
  13. chevelle ss

    jetting question

    does anyone from new england know what is the best jet settings for a 05 crf 450r? i ride trails only, is stock jetting fine for my area? i live in ma.
  14. chevelle ss

    13.5 compression question

    i ride dirt roads and trails . i like the feeling of being able to lift the tire of the ground in high gear just by cracking the throttle. plus i would like a little more torque just for the fun of it. i love the power it has now but i just want to inhance it.
  15. chevelle ss

    13.5 compression question

    if i raise my compression ratio to 13.5 will i gain in low to mid power? i have a 05 crf 450 r on logging roads i can get the front tire off the ground in fourth gear just by twisting the throttle sometimes in fifth. but most of the time it takes a little pull on the bars in fifth. what can i do for mods to get fifth up as easy as forth? would a stage 1 hot cam along with 13.5 compression do it?