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  1. meldek1

    Lights for ttr125

    I should add, I don't know squat about automotive bulbs. I am only assuming that a "55W" bulb, is meant to be 55W @ 12V, and is, therefore about 2.6 Ohms. If I weren't so comfortable, I'd walk to the garage and measure one.....
  2. meldek1

    Lights for ttr125

    But, the old engineer understands more, after seeing Kerry's post from yesterday. He was just saying that the DC output of the charging system must be greater than 20W, because the DC load he showed was 35W. The calculations are correct, except he neglected to include the bulb, which is what we're trying to power. Power delivered=(12^2) /(0.96 + 3.2 + bulb resistance) Bulb resist= (V^2)/55W= 2.6 Therefore, if the system can maintain a 55W bulb, and maintain battery charge, it must have 21 Watts available for the light circuit, inc the wire resistances, Kerry suggests (not 35W). Since we have neglected many other system losses, in these calculations, the actual power demand, to power this 55W bulb, is less than 21W. Therefore, I think it is entirely reasonable that a "20W" charging system could power a 55W bulb successfully. (the 150Watt thing is not correct, because the calculation assumes that the stater output remains at 12V with the 0.96 Ohm stator shorted.)
  3. meldek1

    Plating WR250 in Ky

    I did my DRZ400E, in KY, earlier this year. The only path, I found, was the salvage title route. No fun. If you need to know details, and contact info, let me know, and I will dig out my paperwork.
  4. meldek1

    frame stretching

    Has anyone actually "stretched" an XR/CRF100 frame? I've been a little worried about this, because I'm 220lBs, and riding hard to keep up with the big bikes (I've been in a mini mood, and leaving my KX250 at home, and riding my kids old BBR sprung XR, while keeping up with DRZ400's). I'm just riding trails but I am heavy, and there are very rough sections and some smallish jumps. Honda used the engine as a stressed member in lots of larger bikes, too, and I don't recall reading of problems with those (XR200, 250, 500). Is this really an issue, and issue only of you weight 300lBs and do 20 foot verticle drops, or just BBR trying to sell a cool looking part?
  5. meldek1

    GUTs Density for Road Use?

    I ride my 400E exclusively on the road. After 4400mis, I'm done with the stock seat, and am thinking about the GUTs foam/cover option. Does anyone have an opinion on which density would be best, for a 6'2'', 220lB, boney butt guy, riding on-road only?? Thanks in advance !!
  6. meldek1

    DR200 (must go faster!)

    http://www.kientech.com/ ....Has exhaust and intake mods......