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    riding my xr in the warm months and my snowboard in the cold ones
  1. Ouch thats about 3 to 3.5 hours from me:cry: . Maybe another time when I could make a weekend or so out of it.
  2. I would like to take the time to say that I myself am a Democrat and I ride OFFROAD!!! Please do not generalize everyone in a group as bad because in the real world it doesn't work that way. I beleive in the rights we have to enjoy ourselves responsibly. Its a minority of people that cause these problems in the first place Instead of flaming against people we need to educate them and save our right to enjoy ourselves in our offroad adventures. We all need to work together to accomplish the goals that will benefit us all!
  3. Where is Knobby Ridge? If its not too far from me I would be interested.
  4. Nice looking bike!!! I don't own one but if I were to buy a new bike today the RXV 450 would be my choice.
  5. If your comfortable soldering you could always make a new battery pack. Its no different then what the r/c car guys have been doing for years.
  6. Early winter rides are a blast I just wish I could go but a broken foot doesn't work so well:banghead: . Hopefully we'll get a mild winter so I can get out after I'm healed. (I miss the singletrack in Nemadji:cry: )
  7. Gps

    I use the Garmin Legend with the bicycle handlebar mount its been good. The mount will also move in the case of a crash. For safety reasons I loop the wrist strap on the handlebar first (never know just how much the mount can handle)
  8. Great pics:thumbsup: I wish I could be in your shoes for just a bit. Looks much warmer there than here in Minnesota.
  9. I agree with honuki250 about the heated grips:thumbsup: otherwise some good winter ski gloves work well just a little bulky.
  10. Without the battery you could run into problems while at idle with your turn signal on. I use a small ni-cad setup to eliminate this possibility and it only weighs a few ounces. Ive also read somewhere that the battery helps dampen spikes that could damage bulbs.
  11. Here's the latest pics of my '00
  12. There is nothing better than knowing that you will return to the truck afterwards every time! It started with my old 85 xl, I t-boned a deer at 55 and with a few minor "adjustments" was able to ride back out 30 miles away. Now with my 00 xr4 I know the reliability is still there and the bike has more torque than the dr I often ride with. I hope someday soon Honda may come to there senses and bring the xr back, until then I know my xr4 will never let me down.
  13. I currently run a 55/60 in mine right now and it works great
  14. Most likely between 10am and noon till ???. I'll be on my xr and I'll be with a yellow drz.