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  1. aussie 54

    WR450 transmission problem

    I've got an 05 wr450 and about 2 days ago while heading home on it the back tire just locked up. I was about a mile from home and was wide open in 5th gear on a dirt road. I hit the clutch straight away but it had no effect at all. The enigine is fine and it starts no problem with the electric starter. Yesterday I went to start it and the battery was flat so I kicked it and nearly broke my foot, it seems that is solid now and won't start at all now. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems. I don't want to start tearing it down till I have a little bit of an idea of what I'm in for. Advice would be much appreciated.
  2. aussie 54

    AIS Removal Performance

    Just wondering what the ais removal will do for my 05 WR450 performance, I've done most other mods like the air box, throttle stop, jetting and exhaust. The bike hauls ass now but am currious to see if I can get a little more.
  3. aussie 54

    Plating a WR in Canada.

    How hard and is it possible to register and plate a WR 450 (05 model) in Alberta Canada, I just moved from Aus not long ago and don't really know or understand the @#$%ing regulations over here. PS. anyone else had trouble with the front fork seals leaking, taken the bike back 2 times to the dealer.... Told me they replaced them once. Ha Ha, starting to become a bit annoying as it's only 9 mths old. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. aussie 54

    Oil in Air Box?

    No it's motor oil. Vent from the cam cover sounds like the most likley but I mean there was a lot of it, level was fine this morning and is down a bit now.
  5. aussie 54

    Oil in Air Box?

    Just got the fork seals replaced at the dealership so I got a service done at the same time on my 05 wr 450. I've rode the bike twice and came home just now only to notice a lot of oil under the air box and when I removed the cover to check the air filter oil ran out, about half a cup full. The only thing the mechanic could tell me was that maybe the bike was overfull with oil in the first place or vacuuming out of the engine for some reason. I'm taking the bike back tomorow and any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Just got off the phone to the dealership where I purchased my 05 wr 450 late last year, was going to send the bike in to have the front fork seals replaced, leaking after only 1400 km. I decided to get a major service done on it as well but after they told me the price $385 for the service and no mention of $ for the seals I thought I'd ask you guy's if that sort of money is worth it or would I be better to do it myself. Hate to get it done and then feel like the dealership ripped me again.
  7. aussie 54

    Skipping back to Neutral????

    Just did the mods to my 05 wr450 took it out for a good ride today, man it goes. The only problem I've got is that it seems to jump out of 2nd and 3rd gear back to N when I really go hard on open ground. Anyone else had a problem??
  8. 34 but my wife thinks I'm about 10, some times I think she's right.
  9. aussie 54

    Just did the Mods on my 05 wr450.

    Altitude is about 2000 - 3500 170 main, 48 pilot, still rough at full throttle though?
  10. I've had my 05 wr 450 for about 6 months now and after bringing it home and unloading it I jumped right on and took it for a squirt. My first impression was that the bike felt so top heavy and underpowered, I had a DRZ 400 before this and liked it lots but it got stolen about 8 months ago so I upgraded. With all the snow and not much time to ride I checked out TT, All I have to say is you guys rock!!! Just did most of the mods - Exhaust, throttle stop, air box, re-jetted. Took it out yesterday and this thing fly's, this is the bike I thought I bought. So thank's for all the helpfull info and I'll definatly be hanging around TT lots more.