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  1. yup u do
  2. i have a *****
  3. uh can't cuz there are track rules... or else i would! anyways why you need a chest gaurd on a fiddy track. theres never anyone on it nad rockes arnt gonna shoot up and hit me. if so ill live.
  4. nothing, cuz i am on the fiddy track and im not worried about getting hurt...
  5. what could i make or get really cheap to use at lake elsinore motocross track for one day? please help and thanks
  6. loller
  7. get an fmf or ride w/o a muff
  8. thanks to all
  9. i never taken apart a bike and i have tools but do u think it is easy for an unexperienced person to change frames on a fiddy... soon i will change swingarm to is this stuff easy to do?
  10. lol some joe
  11. where is there Public free places to ride in southern cali that a close to orange county? thanks