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  1. Buy it. Do not hesitate. You won't be sorry if it's as you describe.
  2. I'd recommend watching the classified ads on KTM talk, looking for a spring. They sell cheap, and since you might end up buying more than one it'll save you some money. Plus there is the whole issue of straight rate vs progressive on PDS bikes. Springs are simpler as you have found, either racetech or cannon racecraft. You will also probably want to look into revalving the forks when you're in there with more trail friendly valve stacks. Have fun with it, there is so much adjustability in these bikes and they are so much more capable once set up right.
  3. We'll, you're a big guy. Either of those you listed would do the job. You can always sell it if you decide you want something else.
  4. Ha, yep I hear ya. If more power is needed, a 790 kit and big cam help that nicely!
  5. Glad I sold my 350, just not worth fixing any more.
  6. Properly tuned, they have plenty of power for road use. Popular carbs are Mikuni TM-40 and Kiehin FCR39. Neither will increase power much, but do wonders for throttle response. Not a big deal on the street, but very nice off road. Opening the airbox and going to an aftermarket pipe will get you some horsepower, but it also gets too loud for many people. If you want it to run right stock, talk to Motolab. If you want to trick it out and get new parts, talk to Pro Cycle. They both are a wealth of knowledge about the mighty DR.
  7. Stock DR650 gearing is 15-42. Works ok on the street, too high for much off-road. I run a 14 on the front, still fine for street but way better in the dirt. And don't be clutching one like a 2t, the clutches burn up in a hurry if you do.
  8. You might want to talk with Cogent Dynamics. They have built shocks for that bike and are familiar with it.
  9. I think he's going the other way. If you had a 350 with a dead engine, a 400 engine is a lot easier to find. As an answer, both engines need to have either a single or dual carbs. The frame is designed for one or the other. Otherwise it shouldn't be too hard to get it to work.
  10. 2 hours at 75 mph on my DR650 is just no fun. Yes, the bike can do it easily but I don't enjoy getting that beat up. 60 mph is a nice cruising speed for the DR. It does work fine on fairly easy and some not so easy trails, more like it will get you there but a real dirt bike is way more fun once you're off road. Everything is a compromise.
  11. One of the best super tight woods bikes out there you never hear of is the Sherco X-ride. Trials engine in a lightly built Enduro chassis. Other than the price, it would be tough to beat when the going gets rough. Sort of what the KTM freeride should have been.
  12. Just buy an AJP?
  13. Easier to ride, but whiskey throttle is a lot more dramatic also. You can't just hold it wide open and go or you'll end up hurt. But it doesn't take more than a few seconds to see that. Both bikes are way fast when on the pipe, but the 250 lugs way better and the 125 needs to be there most of the time to get much to happen. Of course so much is dependent on brand, model, and state of tune. MX bikes are almost always a handful in the woods, Enduro bikes are way easier to ride since that's what they are designed to do.
  14. 250 is a lot more horsepower, but a lot more torque also. Much easier to ride as long as you don't twist the throttle too much. The 125 is a lot of fun but you really have to beat it hard and it's so much harder to maintain traction.
  15. That's about twice what it is worth around here. For that money I'd get a newer YZ 250 and set it up just for me. Not that the KTM is a bad bike, but ones that old didn't have the best suspension, and the ergos are weird. If you can find a YZ 250X you'd be way ahead. I'd stay away from the CR, not made any more and it'll take money to set it up for woods riding.