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  1. ABS is a dangerous thing in the dirt when you're going down a steep loose hill and discover your bike won't stop. I want none of that foolishness.
  2. nobade

    1991.5 Beta Zero 250 Engine & tranny rebuild

    You might want to ask this question over on ADV rider in the trials section. Lineaway has been in a lot of Beta engines and can probably offer some good advice.
  3. And remember a rear trials tire is taller than it is wide. If you go from a 120/90 knobby to a trials tire you may need to get a longer chain depending on where the axle is now. I run a MT43 on the back of my KTM 200 and have to have the axle all the way to the rear to avoid the tire rubbing on the swingarm. Also, that Pirelli is not a real trials tire. It's much harder and actually works fairly well on the street. Air it up to 20 psi or so for street and down to around 6 psi for off-road. And don't buy real trials tires like Dunlop 803 or Michelin X-lites for pavement, they'll wear out in a day or two.
  4. nobade

    YZ125 Trail Bike Conversion

    Husqvarna TE125 or the new Beta 125. Made for that already.
  5. Any of the street legal Betas. My favorite is the 390 or 430. For KTM or Husqvarna I'd go 350. If you don't want to spend so much a DRZ400 isn't too bad.
  6. See if you can get a ride on some different bikes to see if any of them really appeal to you. Otherwise all the advice available won't do you much good. And of course think about budget, maintenance schedule, etc.
  7. I go for light. My 150lb. trials bike will easily climb things that are impossible (for me) on my heavier bikes.
  8. nobade

    Preferred brand for 2 stroke 125

    Yamaha or KTM. You can still get parts for those.
  9. Yes, very curious. They do have some weaknesses out of the box but can be made to be quite interesting.
  10. Yes, 16 and 19 inch wheels. They did change a bit around 2015, got more top end and less bottom. But not a big deal, they're all pretty similar. My 2002 works just as well as the new ones, just doesn't look as cool.
  11. The first time he gets a kx100 on the pipe his life will change and he'll be hooked forever. Do it! I wish they had bikes like that when I was 12.
  12. nobade

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    That thing is a heavy underpowered pig if you're only going to use it off-road. Save yourself the frustration and get a real Enduro bike. As far as parts, there's no trouble getting them for gasgas or Beta. Or Sherco for that matter. Life is short. Get a bike you'll love rather than wishing it was better.
  13. nobade

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    Not in a KTM clutch. It's made for mineral oil. Brake fluid will ruin it.
  14. With some suspension mods it is a great trail bike.
  15. nobade


    Clean and lube throttle cable? Make sure throttle itself is clean and dry.