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  1. Of course it never hurts to pull the top end apart and have a look. If for nothing but peace of mind, and to get some measurements. Just takes a little time and a gasket kit.
  2. I usually go through 3 or 4 fronts before the chain needs replacing. Good on you to get several.
  3. Yep, 60 hrs. Is nothing on one of those engines. Crank seals can be replaced from the outside, so not a big deal if they're leaking. Crank itself will go 300 hrs. easy if no dirt is inhaled. I usually do pistons at 100.
  4. And that brings up a good point. As far as I know, the Beta is full power right out of the box. The KTM takes a new fueling map, a desmog, and several other parts to get it running right. So make sure you factor all that in as well.
  5. Around here that's a steal. Even questionable ones bring 4K.
  6. Start on choke, ride around the truck a couple of times, choke off, ride very gently for about 5 minutes, see if it will take throttle. If so, let er rip.
  7. Do the Russians make any dirt bikes? I guess the Czechs have stopped making them by now.
  8. My 200 does that, at very light throttle openings. After tearing into it, I am convinced it is the power valve bouncing around. I can't find any other reason for that noise.
  9. Whatever you can find in the best condition for the best price. Any of them would be good bikes. XR100 isn't made any more, so parts may be more of a problem but they are so reliable if you find a good one it won't likely need anything for many years.
  10. Ttr is about 30 lb. Heavier than a KLX 140. Feels a lot bigger than that. Plus the KLX has much better suspension.
  11. Well, you are certainly going to want to look at lightweight bikes! Can you get Kawasaki KLX 140 there? Either the L or G model might be to your liking depending on how they fit. The L has small wheels and the G has full size ones. Great beginner bikes, and not nearly as heavy as the 230s. Plenty powerful for somebody as light as you.
  12. I hope you mean 88 kilos, not pounds? I am trying to picture what you would look like.
  13. Drop it one clip position and see what happens.
  14. Might do a pressure test to make sure the crank seals are not leaking. That will make it hard to start. Since it was just rebuilt one could be pinched or cocked in it's bore. Also check reed cage.
  15. XR250L. If you find one in decent shape, they're nice bikes.