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  1. nobade

    yamaha xt350 1992 restricted ?

    Eek! No wonder it won't run right. Can you get the proper parts there?
  2. nobade

    Dr 650 je high comp piston issue

    To check squish you assemble the barrel and piston, lay strips of rosin core solder across the piston in the direction of the wrist pin, bolt on the head, and gently turn the engine over past tdc. Measure the solder and you will see how much clearance you have. You want to shoot for a little less than a millimeter, around .035". You face off the bottom of the cylinder to close it. Of course Procycle can tell you the details and precautions...
  3. nobade

    yamaha xt350 1992 restricted ?

    Are you in the US? If so there weren't any restrictors in those bikes sold here. Sounds like it's time for a tune-up and see why it's not running right. They should do 80 easy.
  4. Absolutely. Lots of motors get burned up when people try race gas to improve performance when they're jetted for pump gas. And it works the other way around as you have discovered.
  5. nobade

    Dr 650 je high comp piston issue

    I'd talk to Procycle and see if they will swap pistons with you. Three thou tight is a bunch, I wouldn't run that. Also if your mechanic doesn't know, you should check and adjust the squish clearance and valve pocket clearance on those pistons. They're not just plug and play.
  6. nobade

    Oil filter in backwards

    Well, you got it for next to nothing so now is your chance to become a better mechanic and rebuild it. You'll have a new engine and still be ahead of the game.
  7. nobade

    Is MMI and good?

    Wow, doesn't that sound familiar. I like the story of our UPS driver. He'd wanted to be a cop since he was a kid. Graduated high school, took the required college courses, went through the academy, worked for a year and realized he was in a crappy job, getting shot at, for $35K/year. He quit, hired on at UPS, now makes $85K/year and people are glad to see him. Make your choice wisely. If I were to do it all over again, I'd be an air traffic controller. $100K/year and no college needed.
  8. nobade

    Txt 280 long range seat

    Well it really doesn't take long to learn to ride one, and she'll have to learn to ride whatever she gets anyhow. Nobody is comfortable or relaxed on a dirt bike of any type when they first start. At least on the trials bike she won't have to worry about touching the ground or how heavy it is to pick up.
  9. nobade

    Confused on next bike

    Yep, YZ250 is hard to beat. You'll never get bored with it and they're very durable.
  10. nobade

    KTM 200 exc fuel economy bad, help

    Run your vent hoses up and over so they go higher than the carb. If they're run down the whole way you end up losing a lot of fuel as you ride. I nearly doubled my range by doing this. Also check the float height and set it a little lower than stock, so the bike can be leaned over to 45 degrees and not overflow.
  11. That's a common problem with the freeride. Lots of people have tried to fix it. Supposedly it comes from the angle the carb sits at on those bikes. Playing with float height, air screw adjustment, idle speed can help. There is quite a bit about it on KTM talk.
  12. nobade

    Txt 280 long range seat

    I have to disagree with that. Once you learn to ride them and build enough strength in your legs, trials bikes are wonderful on the trail. Just don't be hitting rough stuff at high speed. Sure you can't go as fast as the good riders on Enduro bikes but if you keep the speed reasonable they are so much more relaxing and playful compared to just trying to survive on the big bike. As for the tank, you shouldn't have any problems adapting a beta one to a gas gas. I'd use Velcro instead of bolts, and just stick it on. Hebo also makes a number plate fuel tank that may help. At first she may not need the extra range, she'll likely get tired way before running out of fuel.
  13. nobade

    Jetting for the Trans American Trail.

    Ah, I thought all the new ones were FI.
  14. nobade

    Jetting for the Trans American Trail.

    After you get rid of the FI which carb are you going to use?
  15. nobade

    Is MMI and good?

    Keep in mind that if you make a career of what you love you may end up hating it. I used to like shooting but after being a gunsmith for 16 years I really don't care about it any more.