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  1. nobade

    The 200 club

    Sounds good. I'm betting you'll have a much better running engine when you're done! Looking forward to hearing the results.
  2. nobade

    The 200 club

    It's the end that connects to the timer. Any time you can turn the powervalve adjuster more than 1/4 turn without it doing anything, it's time for a new control lever.
  3. nobade

    The 200 club

    I don't know if I can put a number on it, but if it shows any visible wear it needs to be replaced.
  4. nobade

    The 200 club

    Thanks! You beat me to it.
  5. nobade

    School me on the 380EXC

    Head mods on those are huge. They are very difficult to jet with the stock head. Once you get that sorted it should be really nice with the Lectron on it. Check to see which ignition it has, the older one was known to fail. The newer ones can be fitted easily. Of course set the suspension up to do what you want. The only other thing is they're not making that crank any more. They are super durable but if you ever need one you're not going to be happy with what you'll have to pay. Once you get it sorted it's sure got the monster power! Any more though I'd be looking at a 300. Way better parts available and it's got all the balls anyone needs.
  6. nobade

    New to trials rider

    Don't worry, you'll be fine with it. Other than the bigger engines being easier to ride due to more torque, there's not a huge difference like with Enduro bikes. You might look into a teather kill switch if you're concerned about whiskey throttle. Trials bikes are just about impossible to stall, even when they are going off by themselves. Enjoy the new bike, they're wonderful!
  7. nobade

    The 200 club

    Most likely. I can't look at it on my phone now but can check tonight on the computer.
  8. nobade

    The 200 club

    There is a dogleg link in there that is considered a wear item. Once that is worn the power valve will act like you are describing. It develops too much slop and delays the timing as well as preventing it from fully opening. I'd be inspecting that part closely. Thankfully they are available and not very expensive.
  9. nobade

    '99 200EXC ???

    It should be written somewhere on it, I don't remember where. But they look very different, so if you examine some pictures of both you'll be able to tell the difference. I don't remember when they did the swap over but it was right in that era. If you have the old one it can be swapped out for the new one with no problem, you just need the complete system. As for jetting, first make sure which carb you have and then you'll have no problem finding good setups. There is a 200 jetting thread here that will get you going. The factory needles suck, Suzuki rm250 ones are the way to go.
  10. nobade

    Shock rebuild recommendations

    Cogent Dynamics in NC. If not them I'd ask Ryan Young for his recommendation since he's the man when it comes to Sherco trials bikes.
  11. nobade

    '99 200EXC ???

    As long as it has the newer kukosan ignition it's pretty bulletproof. Ergos are different from the newer ones so you'll get to decide if you like the feel. Suspension isn't as good as later models but revalving makes them pretty good. I'd certainly be interested at that price!
  12. nobade

    28 yr old too old for 85cc?

    Yes, a KX100 makes a very good bike for someone your size. I am bigger than you by a good bit and can ride mine quite rapidly on very tight trails. It's not as much fun out in the open though since I have it geared really low. With a power to weight ratio about the same as a 125 MX bike it's quite fast.
  13. nobade

    Four stroke question

    When they hear "You need a new top end. That will be $2000." they sell them off instead. For most people, spending the value of their whole bike to fix it isn't worth doing.
  14. nobade

    dr 650 carb question

    Pro cycle or leo Vince muffler will save weight and add jetting challenge. Then that jet kit you bought comes into being useful. Others need packing and are too loud. Stock is best for most uses, especially if you want to get along with your neighbors and other trail users.
  15. nobade

    dr 650 carb question

    In stock condition the DR is Rich on top. Opening the air box makes it about right. Don't install a bigger main jet, all you'll do is use more fuel, not gain power. If it were my bike, untill I made major changes I would remove the air box snorkel, shim the needle .030", remove the cap on the idle mixture so I could set it properly, make sure the air filter is properly cleaned and oiled, add more foam to the secondary breather filter, and route it away from the air box intake. That really is the best setup with the stock carb and muffler. Plus it costs you 30 cents for a washer.