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  1. Yep, no need to ever open the RH drain. Funny how many I see with that damaged and repaired.
  2. Procycle is your source for all you need in that department.
  3. That's good news! Hopefully your Yamaha dealer can get a new nut and you're in business again.
  4. We're you able to see any threads on the end of the shaft to see which way they go?
  5. Flywheel is RH, primary nut should be LH but look closely and be careful.
  6. There is certainly but I don't know what it is. Maybe you can find a shop manual for it somewhere?
  7. Flywheel key not starting to shear is it?
  8. At least your wife will ride. You are way ahead of the curve. Maybe see if she's interested in going to a dirt bike school?
  9. Yep, impact gun is the best but I sometimes cheat and use a chain wrench on the flywheel. As mentioned before, you can jam up the clutch side with a spare gear or piece of copper to get it off.
  10. One of the new counterbalanced KTMs would be nice, but I'll keep riding my 2002 200 for a few more years. Every part on it is still available, so it can't wear out and it's dialed in so well. I'll spend the money on gas and tires instead.
  11. Shortly after you start riding it you will adapt. Not really something to worry about until the time comes. KTM 300 is about as easy to ride as any bike made as long as the jetting is right. Hard to stall, will drop below idle and still pull, very forgiving if jetted properly. You'll love it.
  12. Get the pivot works kit, watch the Slavens YouTube video, and have at it. Either drain the oil first or lay the bike on it's side. It's a quick and easy job, part of owning a KTM.
  13. Yep, riding in mud will kill your pads and rotors pretty fast. Like the other post said, use the front more, the rear doesn't get used much at all other than steep descents. Find rotors that are open and shed mud well. Otherwise that's part of riding in that kind of terrain.