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  1. Old_Yeller

    Thinking about a KTM 300??

    I put a Rekluse clutch on my wife's 200 and no more stalls, ever! Even after she dumps it the bike just sits there on it's side puttin away. She picks it up and keeps going. I'm selling my WR450 and getting a KTM 200 for myself! Way more fun than my 450!
  2. Old_Yeller

    KTM Demo Days

    I have a 05 WR450 and I bought an 03 200SX for my wife. The 200 feels like a mountian bike compared to my WR. It also feels way faster through the forest. The power takes a day to get used to but after a few rides the WR feels slugish compared to the 200SX. I put a 12oz. flywheel weight, Gnarley pipe and a rekluse clutch on the 200 and now I don't want to ride my WR anymore! The 200 is harder to ride but also way more fun. Imagine having the power of your 450 on a mountain bike , that's what a 200 feels like! I'm selling my 450 this weekend and buying a 200XCW for myself!
  3. Old_Yeller

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    I too have a tricked out 05 WR but wanted a lighter bike for the tight woods. I bought a like new 03 KTM 200SX for $2600. It wieghs 208 Lbs.!! Put on a flywheel weight, Rekluse, Gnarley pipe, Turbine II, springs and revalve. The bike is sic:crazy: I love it but I still love my 05 WR just as much. I have to ride a mile on streets to get to the fire roads and then 7-10 miles on gravel/dirt to the single track. The WR rules on the fire roads at speed. It also has the best suspension by far. The KTM 200 feels like a mountain bike compared to the WR. It also deflects and bounces out when the WR will track right through no problem. On big hillclimbs the WR won't stall. But in the woods the KTM is a slice and dice weapon. So now I just ride both bikes. I switch every other day so they don't get jelous of each other and start running bad:thumbsup: Unless my wife rides.... then she gets the WR for the fireroads and then steals the 200 when we get to the woods! What I'll do for love...
  4. Is there anyway to use the existing hydraulic clutch lever to power the rear brakes? Can I just buy a cable and use mineral oil? Do I have to buy the hydraulic clutch removal kit from Rekluse?
  5. Old_Yeller

    Snoxcycle conversion kit

    Do a search on *bay...
  6. Old_Yeller

    Dirt Bike Television wants your videos

    It's shot in HDV 1080i. If you like it I can send you a DVD with the raw files in high rez MPEG2. http://www.snoxcycle.com/video01.htm
  7. Old_Yeller

    studding a set of tires for winter.

    I bought a pair of new mud tires and took them to the local car tire dealer. He studded both tires for $80. They work great on everything even slippery clay soil too! Snotty roots are actually fun now, the tire really digs in to the wood. But if you really want to party in the snow get one of these:
  8. Old_Yeller

    the winter blues

    Heres mine:
  9. Old_Yeller

    Switchblade Video

    It's a Snoxcycle http://www.snoxcycle.com/
  10. Old_Yeller

    250 vs. 450 which one do I get?

    I had the same question and bought the 450. My buddies all bought 250s and now they wish they would have bought 450s. Go do a search on valves in the 250 forum and be prepaired to be shocked at how much trouble they have. The 250s eat valves like I eat pizza! One of my buddies already needs a valve job after just one year. My bike is still going strong! GET THE 450!!!
  11. Old_Yeller

    Wife Bike?

    I bought my wife an 02 TTR225 last year and she loves it. We went for a ride today as a matter of fact. The bike only cost $1600! It's heavy but works fine on the trails around here. She is slow no matter what bike she is on! The electric start is a must for anyone. Put a YZ front fender on and the bike looks great now.
  12. Old_Yeller

    Rekluse Questions...

    Thanks for your advice! I'll go with the rear hand brake solution and loose the foot brake all together.