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  1. rgvdirtrider

    Dual registration DMV Paperwork

    They don't check the paperwork to verify the signatures, they go to the main DOT in your state. One word of caution, don't forge the paperwork because in Texas it is a 3rd Degree Felony-jail time and your title will get cancelled. Just do it the proper way.
  2. rgvdirtrider

    KDX 200 no more?

    Bought a new 2003 KDX 200 in 2002. Added everything you could imagine to make it a woods bike. Cleaned the filter about every 3 rides and change the oil every month or so. Never any problems! not even a spark plug change....The ol KDX is bulletproof. Planning on buying a used 05 Wr 450 as a second bike..here come the problems....
  3. Have two good deals going for buying a WR 450, one is a 2004 and the other is a 2005. Any major differences between the two?
  4. Looking to purchase a used 05 WR 450, wondering if this bike would make a good Dual Sport bike? Read many articles on the CRF 450 X and it is made for trail riding ONLY, if it is ridden like a DS I hear that it will eventually breakdown- Read in Dirt Rider Mag.
  5. rgvdirtrider


    Open up the airbox, get a FMF gnarly pipe and a power core 2 silencer. I have a 03 KDX bought in 02 and it rips, gets abused and kicks on 1 or 2nd time even when hot. My friends ride the fancy KTM 4 strokes while they overheat and are hard to start I just cruise by grin. Seems the KTM guys are always working on their bikes.
  6. Open the airbox, get a FMF gnarly woods or desert pipe and a powercore 2. I didn't believe it but I have a hard time keeping the front wheel down. It woke the sleepy bike up!
  7. rgvdirtrider

    Broken in KDX

    I have a 03 KDX 200 and broke it in rather nicely, change the oil clean the filter and let her rip. I ride very hard in loose dusty areas and not one problem yet. BTW, leave the chain alone and save the money for new bars, bark busters and a FMF pipe. She is almost bullet proof!
  8. rgvdirtrider

    E. Texas / Austin riding available?

    Check under DBSA dirt bikes of San Antonio, large trail riding place and a MX track nearby.
  9. rgvdirtrider

    Off Topic - Dove Hunts in south/central Texas

    Call "Glick Twins" a sporting goods in Pharr, Tx Rio Grande Valley. The birds fly like crazy near the river and stay in a clean hotel and then go drink beer in Mex. They grow sunflowers down here just for the hunters.
  10. A mechanic friend of mine who used to work for Yamaha says the 05 and 06 Wr 450 are excellent bikes, better than ever. He now wrenches for Kawa-Honda dealership. There goes my connection for a new WR450 Anyway, he rides a KTM 450 and admits the new WR is the way to go!
  11. rgvdirtrider

    KDX200 - what price?

    KTM 2 strokes are good bikes, but buy what you need. KTM dealers are becoming fewer, you can order parts but if you don't wrench you will have problems having people work on your bike. The KDX is very reliable, add a gnarly pipe, bark buster, stock are junk, skid plate and have fun. Check Jeff Fredette out in the internet for advice and racing parts. 2003 KDX 200,gnarly pipe, pro taper bars, cycra bark buster, skid plate,etc...
  12. rgvdirtrider

    03 KDX 200 leaking fuel?

    Anyone had small amounts of gas leaking under the float bowl, appears to be around the screw/cap? replaced small blk gasket and still leaking.
  13. rgvdirtrider

    Kawasaki OEM parts

    Thanks for all the help, looks like Ron Ayers is going to save me around 30-40 bucks$$$. Appreciate the response! with the price of gas for the m/c everything will help. Local dealer wont budge, thats why I bought my bike about 6 hours from my hometown.
  14. rgvdirtrider

    KDX220 and harescrambles

    I have a 2003 KDX 200 and I ride tight gnarly terrain with the Honda CR 250's two stroke and KTM 450 four strokers. I can keep up easy with the Honda guys, and can keep up with the 450's-however you have to work alot harder!!!! 200 KDX Gnarly rev pipe, FMF silencer open airbox. Knock em dead!
  15. rgvdirtrider

    Kawasaki OEM parts

    Own a 2003 Kawasaki KDX 200 and need a new OEM gas tank in black, most dealers are asking $300 plus, must be crazy! any dealers with good prices for OEM parts? Really don't care for the clear aftermarket tanks.