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  1. Also posted over in suspension! Anyone know what the fork oil capacity for 89 CR125 forks are?
  2. Anyone know what the fork oil capacity is for 89 CR125 forks?
  3. SVTA

    any northcarolinien's???

    I'm in Hudson. Me and a couple other guys have dual sports so we'll ride just about anywhere.
  4. SVTA

    Street to dual sport

    I sold my Transalp to a guy who raised a Harley Sportster, put some DS tires on it and rode it off road.
  5. SVTA

    250 XL price??

    OH, The brakes Suck on these bikes so be careful when in traffic. The XR's had disk brakes. I just bought a CR front end to convert mine over to a disk front. I'll take pics.
  6. SVTA

    250 XL price??

    Good deal, I paid $900 for my 87 xl250r that was in pretty good shape but had been sitting for years. I've gotten my moneys worth of fun and smiles out of the ol' girl.
  7. The airbox, airfilter, and exhaust are all stock for sure! I ended up raising the needle on the secondary carb (1 washer under the clip) and increased the main jet on the secondary from 105 (stock) to a 110. Just running it in the garage and running it around the yard, this seems to have improved the problem 95%. I'm going to take it out on the road tomorrow to see how it does.
  8. Thanks for the input MIWEBER. A local mechanic at a small independent bike shop told me that it was something that I'd have to live with but I think he's just wrong. I've seen several people talk about these bikes being set up to run lean. What I can't figure out is why is seems like it floods out when the throttle is opened up. Everthing is clean. I think I tinker with the jet on the secondary carb and see if I can get it to change. Barry
  9. Hey Mike, The jets should be stock. I haven't changed them but I just got the bike and don't know the complete history. The "delay" for secondary opening is within spec (3.5-4mm). It seems like it does just fine if you open the throttle really, really slow but If you open the throttle with any kind of speed, as soon as the secondary starts to open it bogs down. Barry
  10. I've got an 87 XL250r. The one with the dual-carb setup. What parts (if any) are interchangeable with the XR's from the same era. Or, it may be easier to tell what parts are not interchangeable. Specifically, I'm looking for a CDI for my XL. Are the XR's the same, better, different, etc
  11. Well, I found out why my voltage wasn't increasing? Had a blown main fuse. After I replaced it, voltage at the battery increased with RPM's within range. Bike still bogs down but I've discovered that it seems to be doing it whenever the secondary carb opens. I've got a stator on the way just to be sure but I'm going to take the carbs off again and check them. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.
  12. Yes, it should be clear lengthwise~!! I just bought an 87 XL250r that had been sitting for several years. When I took the carb off, needless to say all of the jets were clogged. The mains were no problem just shooting some carb cleaner through them. The slow jet was a pain to get clear. I soaked in Kerosene for a couple hours, sprayed with carb cleaner, soaked in carb cleaner all to no avail. I tried poking a wire through it (which you're not supposed to do) but couldn't get a wire to go through. I think the hole is too small. I ended up shooting some compressed air through to see some daylight. Good luck Barry
  13. Yes, it is the dual-carb model. I've cleaned them a couple of times but will try again. I've also read reports that say these bikes tend to be jetted on the lean side so I may go up a size on the main jets. I also just discovered that the voltage at the battery doesn't increase as the bike RPM's increase. Voltage stays the same. I suspect this may be either voltage regulator or stator? Any thought? Could this be contributing to the bogging down at high speed problem?
  14. Seems like the 87 XL250r fits best in this category!! I'm not sure if I'm having a carb or some sort of electrical problem with my XL. Starts and idles fine. When I ride it around it does fine at low to mid throttle opening but at wide open throttle it wants to bog down. The problem seems to be worse if you crack the throttle open really fast rather than easily opening it to WOT. Any suggestions!!