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  1. Thanks for the reply.
  2. So have you bought and been riding that Buell yet? How long in the seat before you start getting sore? Just wondering. I've been looking at the 2006 XB12S, and XB12SCG. The SCG has only 3.55 inches ground clearance and 2.91 inches of suspension travel for the front wheel along the fork line. Kinda makes me wonder how that will feel going over one of our bad road 3 inch bumps here on the Missouri highways. I'm just about one good salesman away from buying.
  3. raceteam

    buell headlight mod and windshields?

    so im taking it the buells offer a windy ride? still worth buying?
  4. raceteam

    Fastest 1000 cc streetbike

    I often see recommendations for peeps to ride the SV650 or the F4i. Even the salesman at the local bike store said the SV650 was a good bike that would offer plenty of fun. I happen to like the look of the XB12S (buell). Any opinions on that bike??? I've never owned a street bike, I'm planning to buy this year, My experience is the 2 stroke KTM250SX.
  5. i agree with rebel1916 respect for you neighbors is a good thing
  6. raceteam

    ruts and tree roots grrrrrrrr..

    Yes those jumpy MX bikes (mine is a KTM250SX) going up hills through ruts and over roots are fun to ride but sometimes im wishing I had a steady 4. Of course only on the hills and in the woods, I like my bike on the track.