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  1. alecams

    Cold Weather Starting

    In Michigan this fall when things got below 50 i have a hard time starting. after all the mods & jetting changes etc it appears that the start problems are do to lack of fuel. I pump 1-2x and no start, 3,4,5 times, no start. pull the plug and its not even wet. I have done this routine over in different sequence. the last few times i have pulled the plug poured fuel in and viola it starts right up. anyone else have this problem? now with the same jetting at 60+ the bike fires right up runs great, no bogs, no pops just like it supposed to run. maybe i just need to keep pumping the throttle until i get enough fuel for it to lite...... or maybe a bigger pilote during the cold months. snow ride tomorrow i hope i can get it lit. oh yeah, the valves are within spec too.
  2. alecams

    Left over 05's

    i have an 05 for sale, 4K. 20 hours and some extra goodies.
  3. alecams

    Faile Estart

    battery is charged. And yes i am pushing the button and pulling in the clutch lever.
  4. alecams

    Faile Estart

    the other day my Estart stopped working. I found the wire was pinched from turning, fixed the wire but still no estart. is there a fuse? did i short out the starter? how should i diagnose the problem?
  5. alecams

    rear brake help

    Tried to change the rear brake fluid today, and immediately somehow sucked air into the system and now no brakes, nothing. front brakes went well but rears seem to be more tricky. normally i use a small hose and place the other end into a jar with fluid in it to prevent air from comming back then i open and pump and add fuild as needed. this time though i saw bubbles comming out right away and it all went down hill after that. now what, visit the dealer and let them fix it? this has never happend before in my 20 years of riding. i wonder if there is a smll leak in the caliper or with the bleed screw.
  6. alecams

    450X is killing me

    Listen up, if you don't want to do all the mods (which can be time consuming especially putting it back together). you can replace the needle with Honda part number 16233-MEN671. Set the needle clip in the second position from the top - just like stock. ( i have an extra if you want it). This needle is richer and the bike will run great without any mods. The fuel screw should be set at 1 7/8 turns out. Some stock bikes have come at one turn out. A 1/8 turn is a really big adjustment. I say make it run good before cutting it up.
  7. alecams

    Jetting is really getting OLD!!!

    Quad, I had this same problem, i went back and read the Wrench again and realized i did everything they said but forgot to change the leak jet. So i ordered the listed size, changed it an viola, runs great. I was told the leak jet has someting to do with the idle circuit when the throttle is off. Good luck.
  8. alecams

    Detroit Supercross

    lower bowl is $40, 2nd level is $50, you can see better on the 2nd level