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    Trail Mapping Website

    If you are mainly looking to map after you get back from your trip (verses having a detailed map on a large color screen on the gps) you are probably best off with the Garmin Etrex series. Very nice, light, and durable. Can be had in the $100 range
  2. XR_Daron

    Trail Mapping Website

    It takes uploaded data from any GPS. Tracks and Waypoints, too. You can even upload photos you took on the trail and it figures out where you were when you took them and puts them on the map in that location! The sample on the main page has some pictures on it. I'm not familiar with trackit?
  3. XR_Daron

    GPS Mounts

    I've had one from Innovative Design Concepts for about 7 years, since the eTrex came out. Here's contact information, but I don't know if they are still in business. Innovative Design Concepts 35404 Acacia Yucaipa, CA 92399 Phone: (909) 228-5353 Email:inovative1@aol.com Once you start using the GPS, check out www.Topographs.com for mapping and sharing your maps on the net.
  4. There's a new (free) trail mapping website that I thought would be of interest, topographs.com: Here are some of the tracks I've uploaded: A track from a Dunes ride in Glamis: http://www.topographs.com/mapdb5.php?session=56&tracknum=1 A short dual sport ride in Arizona: http://www.topographs.com/mapdb5.php?session=35&tracknum=1