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  1. me15

    COW in Tehachapi

    I was also at the meeting in Rosamond, and here was my take on it. The property owners are tired of there property being vandalized or animals being run down, and rightly so. But the Majority were not against OHV some ride them selfs, they just don't want anybody to ride of there property. KCSO did a very good job of pointing out that not all the problem was OHV but Tweekers, hunters, people on Ranch quads, and Hikers. The property owners agreed but the Gal from COW would try to get the meeting back to OHV's. These property owners seemed to be very rational and good people. I tried to talk to some during the meeting to really research COW and see what there really about. I think if we stay off there property and the property owners do there reserach on COW and Thrill Craft . Org, Cow will not be welcomed in this part of the County. KCSO did point out no more Warnings it's tickets only and stepped up patrols around 170th and the unspeakable Canyon.
  2. me15

    Husky Memorial Riders List

    I cant say enough about the great time I had, thanks everyone who helped put it together. It was really good to meet everyone, just a relaxed bunch. It was good to see the group from No. CA show up and there dog. I am not good with names but I'll remember your face. We rode in small groups to the Memorial I believe I was with Stroker Ace and group, nice riding with you guys. I missed George but did get to met Coffee, Coffee I don't know how you made it all the way down here with that leg. Get well so you can ride the next one. I will post some pics when I get organized.
  3. me15

    Age old tire question

    Check out the Kenda Parker DT, its a new tire, It's DOT. I put a 90/100-21 on my 07 TE-450 front, and its the best front tire I have ever had, DOT or not. I really don't care on my bike if it is DOT . I just use the road to get to another trail. I run the Kenda front and a IRC M5B rear, very Happy with the combo.
  4. Is the ride still on? My shift falls on that weekend and I need to request the time off real soon. Would really like to meet up with the Huskys and others, and see some 08's. I have a 07 TE 450 and maybe a couple of Pumpkins with me. They refer to my TE as a Tomato.
  5. me15


    Yea, I ordered Sinisalo jacket and jersey just a few days before Christmas, and it got here in time, the Sinisalo stuff is really nice. Great Service.
  6. me15

    Parts Catalogue

    Was over at the Husqvarna Australia Motorcycle site, and you guys that have ordered 08's can already down load the parts catalogue, or just about any year. You might not have it but you can see how its put together.
  7. me15

    Alabama Hills, CA.

    That sums it up. Spent a couple of days there 2 months ago, great scenery,and no one there, I think one other camper. Like stated before its famous for movies being filmed there. I camped in a spot where they filmed a Meatloaf video. Turn west at the only light in town like your going to Mt Whitney,go about 7 miles and turn north on Movie Rd. There is a stream you can fish thats south of the area. Not very technical but a good place to putt around.
  8. me15

    Toughest Trail in So Cal?

    Yup, and if you get a BLM map that covers that area you will see some sections and partial sections of BLM land. Just make sure you have that map and a GPS. I have been stopped before but was able to prove I was on BLM land. Took some crap from the reserves, but no citation.
  9. me15

    Toughest Trail in So Cal?

    Most of The SO that Patrol out there are Reserves , That have property out there. The Full time guys really don't care they have other things to deal with. If you think you are being dealt with unprofessionally make a call to the Mojave Sub station and ask to talk to the Lieutenant.
  10. me15

    Husky dealers in So Cal (???)

    I thought I was the only one in this part of the world that didn't ride orange, I live in the Bean Canyon area with my TE-450. I will talk to the owner of Lancaster Yamaha and see if I can steer some interest. I know the KTM dealership in Bakersfield wanted to sell Husky's a couple of years ago but he didn't get any response from them.
  11. me15

    New Web Site

    Is Husquvarna going to have a new site? Was doing a Google search and found a link for wwwdothusquvarnamotorcycles. It said coming soon, but for information now use husqvarnausa. I have not been on it for a while but I see it has the 08 stuff on it.
  12. I have performed all the mods listed above with the exception of the coolant, I still am using the stock stuff. Last week my nephew needed a street legal bike to do the pre-run in the Vegas to Reno Race. I loaned him my 07 TE-450. If this bike was going to over heat it was going to do it in this pre run. 100 plus degrees, elevation change from 2000 to 9000 feet, and lots of nasty silt. It did not over heat. The guy bleeds orange but was very impressed with the Husky performance. He even said it was getting more attention than the Honda A team Bikes. I follow this forum and if someone has an easy fix to a problem I do it, this forum is a great resource.
  13. me15


    It's snowing shingles at my house here near Willow Springs RW, lots of brown outs.
  14. me15

    After Work Ride 4/4 Near Rosamond

    Give a little bit more heads up next time you do it. Willow Springs, Bean Canyon is my back yard, and I'll join you. I ride in that area almost everyday.