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  1. dirtturtle67

    flat track tires

    I would suggest go to a flattrack race and ask someone for an old tire for the rear. A wore out maxxis dt still works better than any street tire you can find. For the front find the softest tire you can find if you insist on using a 21 , if you have access you can make a 19" wheel off any old 70's -80's street bike work on the front of your bike with a little ingenuity and the price of a set of wheel bearings. again most dirttrackers have stacks of old tires and are willing to help out someone interested in getting started at flattrack. An old dirttrack tire is still better than a new street tire on anything except a hard packed blue groove. Good luck Shorttracks are a blast and TT scrambles are awesome especially if you already enjot supermoto.
  2. dirtturtle67

    RHC what you got going to Peoria

    Ron hows the Yamaha for Henry looking for Peoria this weekend? I 've noticed Jerad Mees going faster everytime he's there too. I don't think anyone can beat Henry yet, but Kopp, Schnabel and Johnson can keep him honest if he doesn't get a hole shot and check out. I love watching 'em pull down that long straightaway. You got anything silly fast to watch for on Sunday?
  3. dirtturtle67

    '04 motor in '06 frame!

    That's good info and pic. I know not to order a '07 case half for my '02 motor. That would be very bad. A lot of honda part#s change from year to year with no real change in the part and other times it's a change like this one where you wouldn't notice it usually till it's too late. Service honda and most dlrs. are not always a reliable source of info. on what parts from what years are interchangeable. A guy with parts from several different years laying on the bench is an invaluable asset. Thanks for the pics. Rick
  4. dirtturtle67

    '04 motor in '06 frame!

    Part#'s changeingmeans little I have an '06 left crankcase half on my '02 motor and all is well. The '05 and later motors have the rear swingarm axle mount on the case ground down from the factory for clearance on the swingarm when the motor was rotated forward. When installing an older motor in a newer frame the back of the rear mount may need to be ground some. Or you can mill it off like the factory did.
  5. dirtturtle67

    Titanium Rod

    Stroker crank and long rod kit both use same piston and rings as stock motor. Longer rod on stroker and long rod require spacer plate to move the cylinder higher to accomodate higher piston placement due to increased rod length. Stroker requires longer, reinforced cylinder to accomodate increased travel distance of piston. Long rod does not change displacement only moves piston up, decreaseing rod angle at 90 degrees of crank rotation. this usually increases piston and ring life, smoothes powerband, and allows for less power loss in overrev. Makes 450's smooth and they feel like they pull forever.
  6. dirtturtle67

    Titanium Rod

    the complete kit comes with a spacer plate, longer timing chain and longer cylinder studs. For the sake of time it's a complete kit short of gaskets if time is not an issue most of these parts can be had cheaper through other avenues. The studs I haven't found anywhere else though and Falicon only wants to sell them with the rest of the kit. Be sure and ask for the stock stroke long rod not the long rod for the stroker crank. The stroker uses a different crank pin dia. Later Rick
  7. dirtturtle67

    Titanium Rod

    Falicon makes a long rod kit for the CRF. It's benefits are just as you asked for we have run them with all of RHC's goodies with very pleasant results in dirttrack. Rick
  8. dirtturtle67

    Stock Cam 2003 CRF450, I need one

    I'm not a fan of the stock '03 cam myself but if you're referring to the cutout portion on the bottom of the exhaust lobe, that's stock! it's been there from day one. If you have galling that I can't see on the exhaust lobe check your rocker arm roller bearing. I've seen them go bad, and you have to replace the whole rocker arm. If it's on the intake lobes and your buckets move freely in the tower you could definitely have an oiling problem but the buckets are likely to gall badly also if you have an oiling problem. Hope you just thought the cutout was the issue then you have no problem and can put it back together and go riding!
  9. dirtturtle67

    Shim stack for woods

    I don't have any suggestions for your stack but if you go to suspensionnetwork.com and join you can view stock stacks, it's free.
  10. dirtturtle67

    dyno #'s tire?

    I dyno'ed a fresh 450 for daytona yesterday and it came up a measely 53hp. I was expecting around 56-58hp out of this bike as that is what we have gotten in the past with similar config.s But this bike was dyno'd with a maxxis DT tire on the rear and all the bikes in the past have been done with Goodyears on them. I gave the guy a goodyear to put on but he and the dyno owner both thought the tire change would make no difference. Has anyone had dyno results differ between these two DT tires and please explain why. Iunderstand if I used a knobbie but these are similar DT tires and I wouldn't think there would be a huge disparity between there results?
  11. dirtturtle67

    Hi Compression Piston?

    I'm about to put together a 470 kit with a 13.5:1 JE and RHC 208, valves and springs. How did you like your 470 kit did you notice a good mid range and low end grunt increase?
  12. dirtturtle67

    03 crf450 dirttrack suspension

    I frequent flattrack.com often and though there are many knowledgeable people there, better than half are still stuck on framed bikes for flattrack and those in the know won't talk tech specifics. Anyone over there that wants specific info. on engine and suspension questions comes here! RHC builds Wiles' motors but his bike was owned and assembled by George Mack of Mack Daddy racing and there suspension is done by 4&6 racing ( i believe they recently changed their name)out of chicago area, and though they do fine work, they don't go with me to the races and don't want to give me their valve stacks to try or suggestions and help on modding my stacks (nor does any other suspension tuner I've contacted) Suaspension guys don't attend many amateur flattrack races. I want to learn to tune my own! Dogger's thread on valving has been very helpful I'm just trying to cut down on a little trial time, We dont get too much track practice time in flattrack for set up. shoffs30 I'm from Galesburg I ride a lot of D.17 who are you? I don't recognize you from your signature.Who did you use for your suspension and how many races will he attend for support this season?
  13. dirtturtle67

    03 crf450 dirttrack suspension

    noone knows dirttrack? Not surprised, dirttrackers don't know dirttrack, they all send it off put it back on and never touch it again. Most won't even service it for about 3 seasons or until it gets so bad they assume it needs redone and they send it out again. Someone please help me stop the ignorance. I want to be able to adjust and set this up on my own! HELP Rick
  14. dirtturtle67

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    I posted a question on the crf450 forum about my shock would have done it here but this post is getting looooooooong and difficult to navigate for info. Which is unfortunate because there's a huge amount of excellent information contained in this thread. It needs a table of contents though so I can go back for rereading.
  15. dirtturtle67

    03 crf450 dirttrack suspension

    Anyone got any experience valving dirttrack suspension? I know I can do this myself justlooking for help with valving. suspension is alreadty lowered and has been valved by a top dirttrack suspension guy but I'm still not happy and refuse to keep sending my stuff out to get it right. Road bike suspension forums aren't much help they are not familiar with the CRF showa forks and shock Irealize the valving is different then offroad , we have very few impacts to deal with and less travel available. but tha demands should be close to supermoto. any one experienced with that and willing to openly help with info.? Here's what I currently have on the shock #of shims-O.D.-shim thickness Compression 12-44x.008 2-42x.008 1-42x.010 1-40x.010 1-38x.010 1-36x.010 1-34x.010 1-32x.010 1-30x.010 1-28x.010 Rebound stack 1-40x.008 2-40x.012 1-38x.012 1-36x.012 1-34x.012 1-32x.012 1-30x.012 1-28x.012 On the shock I currently run 2 clicks from full soft on the compression all the time and 2-5 clicks from full hard on the rebound side. I dont have any adjustability here for different tracks and conditions need to know suggestions to get softer on the compression side and slower on the rebound side. I've got right spring according to mxtech and durelle susp. who did this valving. I weigh 165 lbs. in my gear and am an A level amatuer Thanks Rick