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  1. Yamahammmer

    prayer needed

    I will definately be praying for you and your family today. I am so sorry for this tragedy, and pray that the pain will diminish very soon. Again, so very sorry. Jeff
  2. Yamahammmer

    YZ250 or CR250?

    YZ250 all the way, have next door neighbor with a CR250, rode our YZ's and sold his to go YZ after having his doors blown off one to many times. It's da motor...
  3. Yamahammmer

    Newbie looking for location recommendations

    Hollister is great! You should try Cow Mountain outside of Ukiah and Talmage, 50,000 acres of a huge variety of trails, roads, and all levels of riding. Also Carnegie outside of Livermore has different levels of riding, but it is limited to approx 1,500 acres. Depends on how far you wish to drive to get to the riding. Knoxville is great, as is Stonyford, and both have variety and are very big, northeast of the Cloverdale and Ukiah areas. Give em a try, you'll like something different.
  4. Yamahammmer

    Anyone from the Bay Area?

    Petaluma, California here. Cow mountain, Hollister, Carnegie, CC camp, Prairie City, etc
  5. Yamahammmer

    Hollister suggestions

    Kid, Glad you liked it, I was there with my family on Mon.Tues.Wed. on a 426, too. I love Hollister, I don't care what some have said, great place to camp, ride, and enjoy not going head on due to unmarked stuff, i.e. you can rip and let it all out going one way Carnegie is kind of small and has less variety, welcome to Hollister and keep that 426 rippin' that 3rd gear roll on can be aweful fun on Lake rd. High rd. Olive North Canyon and all the rest of HH I thought it was perfecto, a bit muddy on Mon. perfecto on Tues. and at the end of Wed. starting to get somewhat dusty, what a blast! Just sorry I have to go back to work Maybe I'll see ya next time
  6. Yamahammmer

    Return of the Rats

    Gary, That's the best Avitar I've seen so far Excellent! I too have a 426 and would like to roost it on A_ _ ah
  7. Yamahammmer

    New Video I Made

    You're bike sounds sick! What kind of pipe is on it? An we all want ta know how ya did it? Program?
  8. Yamahammmer

    Jowbone camping

    Jimmy, very cool, and thanks for the great info, much appreciated, and yes I may be too north but I have a truck/Warrior/and will travel for some great rides with my family. Again, thanks for that great info. ______________________ YZ426F mine TTR125L hers YZ250 (son Joe) YZ250 (son Nate) KLX110 (Daughter Jess)
  9. Yamahammmer

    Jowbone camping

    Where is Jawbone? I'm up north and haven't heard of it.
  10. Yamahammmer

    Yuma to Gila Bend

    Have a blast Larry and good choice It probably is about halfway for you two as well. Wish I could go.
  11. Yamahammmer

    Is Jawbone Canyon Good Camp/Riding?

    Where is Jawbone Canyon? I'm up in Northern CA.
  12. Yamahammmer

    Stoneyford Rd Updates

    My family and I were going to head up there the week after Easter, so I'll be watching for any and all updates as well. If it isn't going to be possible, any alternatives that you can suggest within a few hours of the Bay Area that is kind of remote like Stonyford? Appreciate your help, too.
  13. Yamahammmer

    La grange

    Thanks, maybe we'll give it a try.
  14. Yamahammmer

    Yuma to Gila Bend

    I got a sister that still lives in Gila Bend and I take the kids and all the bikes and go down there for a few days each year so they can see what it's like to ride out of someone's backyard into open riding territory w/o any restrictions, and then when your hot to just ride right up the the DQ on Main St. and get some ice cream, hop back on your bike and take off w/o any laws, police, etc. just the wild wild west. Super cool!
  15. Yamahammmer

    Yuma to Gila Bend

    I lived in Gila Bend and rode all around that little town. There are good rides all around Yuma, just drive out to the edge of town, on any side, off load and go. Plenty of riding miles, and some fun roads. In Gila Bend there is the same, a good ride is up to the top of the "jump off", a medium mountain with Indian history about it. Any local can point the way, but it is on the north side of town/I-80 and you can park at the Gila Bend Market, off load, and just take off. There is no local police, just county sheriffs that come in daily to peek, and head north across a vacant lot , go past the old Indian reservation, a few sand washes and then you hit several cool 4X4 roads, cross the Gila River, usually dry or only inches deep, and there is one cool 4X4 road you can't miss headed northwest straight at the jump off mountain that takes you up to the top. Have fun where ever you go, there is open range riding all the way from Yuma to Gila Bend.