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  1. Sixgill

    Lights DR650

    -they draw 35watts each -bracket was pretty plug &play (just some spacers) -i run both on high beam no issues so far.....
  2. Sixgill

    Lights DR650

    I switched up to Hella lenses & HID H7 bulbs.
  3. Sixgill

    DR 650 Owners Opinions

    The only thing i disagree with.... Love my stock mirrors.
  4. Sixgill

    hand guard for DR 650

    +1 Acerbis if your going offroad with the bike also grab a skid plate
  5. Sixgill

    What is high milage for a DR 650?

    30,000 km on my 06 DR 650 so far. Frequent oil changes and parts upgrades keep her looking young.
  6. Sixgill

    2007 DR650 will come in BLACK!!!

    Here is my 06 re-done in full black.
  7. Sixgill

    Aqualine tank mounting

    I mounted my aqualine as per directed, havent had a second thought about it until you posted this. Whe i get home ill pull my tank and take a pic on the bottom. The bike has 15,000km on it since i mounted the tank so im sure if there was an issue it would show by now.
  8. Sixgill


    hey you take the same line as i do with cornering, i also add pulling out the camera to take a couple of pictures, this is great cover
  9. Sixgill

    Adventure tires?

    I personally run Avon Gripsters for Road trips and Front-Pirelli MT-21/Rear-Mitas E-09 for a more agressive dirt package. The gripster rear will get me 10K+ The Mitas rear i expect to get 4-5K
  10. Sixgill

    Definitive 96-06 dr650 resource?

    you could try the DR650 yahoo forum or here
  11. Sixgill

    Length of rear 650 suspension link?

    sorry i couldnt tell you unless you shot a pic of your link. stock seat height for a 2006 DR650SE is: Seat Height: 885mm (34.8 in.), low seat setting 845mm (33.0 in.)
  12. Sixgill

    Length of rear 650 suspension link?

    FYI the method of lowering the rear of the DR is to change the lower rear shock bolt location. If you look at the bottom of the rear shock assembly you will see that there are 2 bolt holes stacked above eachother. If the bolt is through the highest one it is lowered. If the bolt is through the lowest one it is in the stock position.
  13. Sixgill

    head light

    2nd vote for HID... Well worth the bucks if you plan to do any volume of night riding.
  14. Sixgill

    2006 DR650SE at 1600 miles

    I broke it in like i was going to ride it for the rest of its life. HARD... Changed the oil at 500 km and again at 2500 km. Threw a whole bunch of aftermarket stuff at it and dropped down to a 14 tooth sprocket, never going to look back... My DR sounds like a beast, puts a smile on my face every time i get on it and tops out a saner speed that keeps me off the local POPO radar. Now to teach myself the art of backing it in....