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    are you able to hook up the stock drz400s speedo to the ktm hub?
  2. 1stenduro

    hooking up an acceserary jack at handlebars

    I was leaning toward the standard automotive 12 volt port that way I can plug in my Magellan that has that type of plug allready on it. Thanks for the pics and other ideas I think I'll go with that.
  3. I have searched for any thread on ideas of adding an 12V accesary port at handlebars for plugging in GPS while riding, or battery charger while not riding. Any suggestions?
  4. Tim, No I do not know Randy. I have only been checking out this website of a short time. How can I get in on their next ride? Eric
  5. I live in North San Diego and have been riding a DRZ400S for a year now. I have been riding out in Ocitillo for >15 years on green sticker bikes and have finally made the move to street legal. I love it and have also been looking for people to ride with. My freinds have not made the change yet from there green sticker bikes. I am currently looking into SBNF trail patrol volunteering. The next host class is in April and if you are intrested I can give you the info when I find out. I would also like to do a ride up on the back side of Palomar Mountain you pick up the trail out in Temecula area but have not found anyone to ride with. Let me know if you want to go for a ride. Eric