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  1. Gustavo

    Unibiker Rad Guards

    I just installed a set too (stock DRZ-S). The fender clears, but by no more than a 1/4". I also had bolt hole alignmet issues. I had to enlarge one of the frame mounting holes and the two lower radiator shroud holes to make it fit. Of course, you only realize that after the guard is mounted and it doesn't quite fit right, so it has to come off to be fixed. I read very good reviews here and on other sites, it's still a good design, but for $90 I'd expect better QC. Gustavo
  2. Gustavo

    Side stand/clutch switch removal

    So lets say I wanted to keep the switch for sentimental reasons (OK, maybe more to be able to put it back on the bike if I sell it ). Anybody know where one would get the male part of that green connector to make a clean short that doesn't require cutting the original wires? Thanks, Gustavo
  3. Gustavo

    Who here rides with glasses?

    I have no doubt, but unfortunately not everybody can have their vision corrected effectively with LASIK, so while it's a good way to solve the problem for some (maybe even most) some of us still need to wear glasses when we ride (well, only if we want to see where we are going. I know that's way overrated ). Gustavo
  4. I have a question for those that use prescription eye glasses while using off-road helmets. What type of goggles do you use (or have you used in the past) and how well do they work with glasses. I tried a couple of Smith OTG (Over The Glasses) goggles today and neither was very comfortable, they pushed my glasses up against the bridge of the nose. My skiing goggles have cut-outs in the foam to allow the frame room, but these didn't have any, which seemed odd, given the OTG designation. Thanks, Gustavo