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    Stock shimstack for Sachs shock?

    I just changed a stack in a 07 TE 510. I have the stock stack info. I will email you tommorow. TC

    '06 suspension settings

    Hydraulic locking is the Issue. I got some TCmototech base valves put in mine and it solved the problem on the harshness. took care of the braking bumps and the harshenss of the jumps. You can get them from dan a motoxotica.

    anyone ever lower a te?

    contact daryl at Acme suspension .

    2006 tc450

    I own a 06 TC 450. Have had it since Feb and race it about 2 times per month and practice the other 2 weekends. Here my 2 cents. Bike was hard to start swhen hot , Installed a JD kit and it is super easy to start. I dont use the hot start. Forks are harsh but we solved that with a New basevalve and shim stack, works excellent now. Motoxotica can get it for you from TCMototech. Have had the silencer tabs break off the subframe and is the 2nd bike I know of. The radiators are pretty weak and I have bent them with my knees so Ive installed braces, problem solved again. The bike rips and is super fun to ride on a MX track. Im going to get an 07. Ive done the Hondas Yamahas and KTms. Im going to to stick wtih the Husky because the durability and Fun to ride. Parts I get from Halls and Motoxotica but I havent had to order anything except accessories.

    Does your Husky boil over?

    I have a 06 TC450 and was at Glen Helen for REM. track was tight 3rd was the fastest part. Temp was 108 and when I got done to talk to another rider my bike was boiling over too. Spoke to person who did some testing on a Husky for Baja and they said they had boiling temp issue too. His comment was water pump was pumping fliud so fast coolant in radiators wasnt there long enough. Any thoughts anybody. New Ice Coolant will be my next step.

    What's a girl to do?

    Get a good 4stroke mechanic, have them put in the stainless steel valves, put the bronze valve seats in the head and run the Titanium double valve springs to reduce the moving mass. That will make your valves last a lot longer. Hondas, Kawi, ans The Suzi have this problem too. Yamaha runs a 3 valve intake that has a smaller surface area to last longer than the other jap 250 fours. Nothing beats the 250 2 stoke simplicity and durability but there are options.

    What's a girl to do?

    I had my engine guy put in Stainless Steel Valves and and Bronze/ Aluminum Valve Seats with Titanium Springs. I have not had to adjust the valves yet and have about 10 hrs on the engine. So far so Good. It cost more for sure but it supposed to much more durable and he has been doing this to all the hondas/ Suzuki and kawi 250s. the yamaha with the 3 valve intake has a smaller intake valve with less survace diamater and hold up better than the 2 valve intake. So there are options out there. Go to some one who knows how to build good 4 stroke race heads. the Shop is on the west Coast. Howard and Sons. Ph # 1760 868 3582. He has been doing engine work for 20 plus years and has done work recently for Larry Roessler on the KTM heads and Ty Davis when he was riding Cagiva ( Yes Cagiva).

    TC450 06 fork base valve update

    its a little more than shims. Hydraulic flow is what the shims and the base valve do together, then ad the springs, the oil viscosity and oil height and air caivity in connection. Take a look at 15 years ago on the Showa and Kayaba base valves and look at the orifice diamater evolution on base valves up to now on them. There is a reason they have gone bigger on the orifice diameters on the base valves in the last 15 years. Last time I rode the 05 and 06 Showas/Kayaba forked bikes they work a hell of lot better than the Marzochi. Stock they suck. I like My Husky but I wont settle for Losing because they have a poorly working fork that works worse than the 05 on a mx track. Just my opinion of course. Caubycross
  9. I have 20 sets of new base valves with the valving shim replacements. ready to go on 7-5-06 I tested 2 more valving set ups at competitive edge MX park ( So Calif) this saturday. the track was perfect for the testing. lots of fast pros that ripped the track up. lots of braking bumps and ruts just like race day. I hate to say it but my previous set up was much better than the 2 valving set ups I tested. Im pretty stoked my husky rips on the the track without the fear of going into braking bumps and having my arms jerked offthe grips or that mean sting on the big air jump landings. Any one interested in the base valves, with valve shims and instructions on how to R&R the kits hit me back . Price is $169. shipping cost about $4.50. caubycross out.

    Honestly would you do it?

    after getting a James Dean Jetting kit and revalving my Forks . Yeah the bike rocks Now. Transwolrd ripped the bike saying it is slow. Oh Come I keep holeshotting the 40 expert class on a box stock bike vs all the jap bikes with their trick exhaust and everthing else they ad to thier bikes. I weigh 200 lbs. I love the bikes stability, Clutch and the fact I dont have to spen a bunch more money to upgrade everything.
  11. I may have the answer for those with a 06 Husky TC 450 regarding the front fork handling issues. My brother and I made a new front fork compression base valve that has 2 times more oil flow capacity than the stock base valve piston. I know it works since the bike handled very poor before on big air hits and did not soak up braking bumps very well on So Calif MX tracks. ( we revalved 4 times and it was still not right) New Base Valve pistons installed and the husky even went 1-1 its 1st race out in the 45 expert. (the announcer said it was my nutrition because it couldnt be the bike). We made them out of aircraft aluminum and hard nitrated them. Looks like I wont have to go back to a Jap bike after all. Any one interested in these base valves hit me back. I'm having my brother make 20 more sets since all the programming has been done.

    2006 fork noise

    any luck on getting the harshness out of your forks ?? I have the same problem and refuse to let those jap bikes win me over again. I went to the length to have new base valves made up where the intake ports are 2 times bigger than before and we are now doing valving changes to see if this works . The last 4 valving changes didnt work so we figure it has to be a hydraulic locking issue. Love my bike but large braking bumps and big air flat lands are an issue. We'll get it done right and let you know when its done. The base valves production caused a delay. I had 4 sets made up and have 3 sets installed with some fellow Husky buds. Caubycross out.

    TC 450 hard landing - rebound?

    I have a TC 450 and have been doing suspension valving for 18 years. had a TC 450 05. the forks on the 06 are harsh. I have made new base valves and will start doing new valving to make these work right. I weigh 200lbs ride 40 exp moto. I will let you know I i maske out with the new base valves and valving . TC

    Husky Suspension

    I own 06 tc 450 . have been doing supension since 85. Showa Kayaba, ohlins ,White power , and marzochi. Here is the Deal. Here's my supension evaluation on from my 1st 2 rides and 2 races. they dive thru the stroke 2 fast but do not bottom , the spike or hydraulic lock on large braking bumps. I too was perplexed , Husky has no Manual and Ryan Evans at Marzocchi USA didnt have any Tech manuals. I picked his brain on changing the oil and How to work on these too. Cant be any harder than the showa or Twin Kayabas so here are my findings Forks are limited but easily fixable on the braking bump issue. the base valves have a port design that is not champered, creates hydraulic lock on short quick quick Hits, The fix :champer the intake ports. The stroke speed is easliy controled by changing the valve stack. the Current stack reads like this: Base Port first shim 21X.10 - 23x.10 - 23x.10 - 21x.10 - 19x.10 x 18x.10 - 17x .10 - 16x.10 - 15 x.15 - 13 x.15 11x.15 By changing some of the mid shims from .10 to .15 the sroke speed will be slowed some. I have 2 TC450 that have been revalved . 1 is mine (former pro MX and Off) the other bike is for a 40 yr novice. I am going to Glen Helen Thursday and Race town Sat so I can get Mx Feed back and Desert Feed back on the Changes. I know I will have these forks working right. Check with me next week I let you know my out come . PS I am working with a person who sets the Bikes up for magazine test. He and Fast By feracci seem clueless on how great supension is suposed to work like Kayaba and Showa . Im sick of the Jap bike dominance and this is a fun challenge. It is fun beating the Jap bikes. Cauby cross out .

    TC 450 good motocross bike?

    I have a 06 450TC great Mx machine . Have 2 races 1 hole shot (40 expert) 3 practices. Power smooth very controlable, shock awesome, ergos awesome, forks need attention.not bad . I have revalved the innercartridges beacause the forks hydraulic spike on large brake bumps no bottomoing issues. Tracks are Glen helen, Racetown and Competitive edge. After removing the cardriges there are many easy fixes. 5 weight oil instead of 7.5 wt is one fix . 2nd fix is more involved by porting the intake side of the base valves to help the oil thru the valve ports. I am testing 2 set ups thursday and Sat . The Husky is one fun bike. Comming off a 03 KTM 520 and O4 450 honda I"m Happy. I now have 3 friends off the Yam and Hondas now after they rode my bike in stock form . See Ya