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  1. Xtreme125

    Wat Is a Good 125?

    Get an Xtreme CR2. It rocks out loud! Well built:0
  2. Xtreme125

    Sick Video

    awesome video sweet wips
  3. Xtreme125

    Xtreme 125?

    The only SSR that is is the PRO SSR125-PF Pit Bike Aluminum Perimeter Frame. I cant spend over $2,000. Is that a BBR frame? Hows that setup working, does it have fully adjustable suspention? How reliable is it cause Im going to be riding it every day on my acre size track. Im a very agressive rider. But that still only has the 10x12 setup. I also have to order it online, and I dont have a credit card to use!
  4. Xtreme125

    Xtreme 125?

    Parts wont be a problem because theres a shop about a few miles away where I can buy the bike and order parts threw, because hes a xtreme dealer. I dont like the pitster pro the swingarm Is so gay, and I havent heard any good things about the SSR pit bikes! Also the SSR only has a 10x12 setup, but the xtreme cr3 have a 12x12
  5. Xtreme125

    Xtreme 125?

    double post sorry
  6. Xtreme125

    Xtreme 125?

    Im thinking of getting a pit bike and the Xtreme CR3 seems to be the bike for me and Ive rode the CR2 and that hauled some but. The only problems Ive read so far was that the main jet was wrong but thats fixable, and Ive been reading fourms for the past 8 months! The CR3 has enought suspention for me because Im only 13 and I only weight 100lbs. So all Im asking of you guys and gals is to give me good and bad facts about it, even links or videos will help me. I only have about a month to chose the right pit bike!