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  1. fastmonstr

    WOT on new fcr-mx sticks

    I have not been on here in several years. was helping my neighbor with his carb and the same thing happened to us. The lever was bent where it rides on the cam. I was able to straighten it without the pulling the shaft. Thanks!
  2. That is crazy cash for stickers.$250.00!!! I would rather spend my money on tires and gas.
  3. fastmonstr

    Comfort seat for 2008 and up short guy.

    I have the EE and it's much better than stock. Money well spent for me.
  4. fastmonstr

    Hidden Falls/ Boulder Creek

    I can ride anytime. I've been a member for a couple of years and know the place well. Post up the next time you go.
  5. fastmonstr

    Texas Hidden Falls/ Boulder Creek

    I've got plenty of time to ride the next month or so, even during the week. Post up if you want to meet out there. http://www.hiddenfallsadventurepark.com/
  6. It's because I've been riding my 08 450exe for the last year with 0 problems! Killer bike, thanks KTM!!
  7. 08 450EXC. 23 hrs and 600 miles of mostly trail riding and no problems at all. Great bike!
  8. I have not had a chance to measure my fuel consumption yet. What king of mpg are you guys getting on fire roads that average 40-50 mph? What kind of range can expect from the Acerbis 3.4 if I'm easy on the throttle?
  9. fastmonstr

    Bonehead of the Year Award

    You might have a point there. As long as the metal part of the eraser was not there. I used to be a BMW tech many years ago and we would use walnut shells in a sand blaster to clean carbon from the intake valves and tract. There were always a few chunks left in there and we would not worry about it.
  10. fastmonstr

    Picked up the New '08 KTM 450 EXC-R

  11. fastmonstr

    Stupid 2008 EXC-R back fender set up!

    Does the Sicass have a license plate light?
  12. I have the same gearing. I added one link to the stock chain and I'm using 2 master links. I'm sure I'll get flamed for that, but I have done it for years on many bikes with out problems.
  13. fastmonstr

    08 EXC Fuel Tank, What are my choices?

    Thanks. I just ordered the black 3.4 Acerbis from Chaparral. They said I'll have it in about a week.
  14. Is there anything available other than the orange 13l fro KTM?