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  1. Motocross

    ron what is the best way to get in contact with you . we are a raceteam from europe . we think that you can help us with our bikes.
  2. Motocross

    i,ve got a question for you ron. have you worked on a rmz-250 from 2012. what are your results. kind regards arjan
  3. i have a 2010 rmz 250 . i,ve heard that some raceteams change the weight of the crankshaft. does anyone now anything more about it
  4. does anyone now if there,s a difference between the enginekit from yoshimura usa and the parts you can order from yoshimura japan ????????
  5. thank for your answer. what does your bike do better than stock. do you ride with race gas and do you have another cdi box. i read in the transworld magazine that the tom morgan 2006 rmz was awesome , does anyone now something more about that
  6. where would you guy,s send your 2007 engine to ,to make it faster. pro-circuit , white brothes , yoshimura .or somewhere else. i,m from europe and don,t now so much american companies. looking for motor mods and exhaust all at once. thanks for your help