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  1. Top Gear segment with the top of the range Holden ute.
  2. http://www.husky.com.au/ http://www.husky.com.au/html/products/parts/parts.htm
  3. I will add another complaint to the list. My f@&king kick starter jammed on it's swivel thing yesterday. Took me 10+ minutes of pulling, kicking and screaming to get it out to start my bike in the middle of a ride. Keep it lubricated!
  4. I have a 2000 WR360. It's awesome, been pretty reliable for the year I've owned it. Best bike I've owned (I've had an '06 WR250F, '05 YZ250F and a YZ125WR) I'll probably upgrade (downgrade?) to a WR300 in a year or two. I've ridden both a '10 KTM300 and a '09 WR300 and the 360 destroys them off the line. But they get some back on the top end. Mine is unmodded though so I probably got room to get more top end. Short but very steep and loose hill climb. Second gear: http://vimeo.com/8936303 Get the auto-decompression head!
  5. Gas Gas or Husky. Too many KTM's around as is.
  6. Yeah, MX is pretty boring. I'm on your bros side. Go ride some trails.
  7. I just got word from the shop that it's my ignition switch which is faulty. Easy replacement (and $120AUD) and I'll be on my way again.
  8. This video is great and needs more love. Do you have a HD file we can download? I like collecting decent dirt bike shorts.
  9. I've been having these exact problems on my 2000 WR360. I've put it into the shop and will let you know what they find.
  10. If you don't want a broken arm/wrist, don't crash! That's my theory.
  11. Mid/big bore 2-strokes. My WR360 is quite reliable. I even ran it for 10minutes without water in the radiator after it all went out the overflow pipe because of a worn radiator cap.
  12. When the majority of people think 2-strokes, they think of 125's. Some just haven't been shown that 2-strokes can be made to be trail friendly without a massive power band snap. They also get the impression (through 4-stroke marketing and extrapolation from using their chainsaws made in 19-dickety-two) that 2-strokes are unreliable - again that's a myth.
  13. I wouldn't call it a review really. It was a very short article in the 'Cars Guide' part of the local Saturday newspaper. I can't find it online for you, sorry.
  14. I read a pre/review of the '10 BMW and they mentioned it gets fuel mileage of 4.3L/100km. They said the '09 would do 4.5L/100km. Both those figures seem way to good to be true. Are they?
  15. http://vimeo.com/2836814 It's 95 SXI 750. Sold it to a good mate and could put it to more constant use.