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  1. how much are the wiseco cost and if i put them right in when i get the 07
  2. well yzf and crf are basically the top 2 bikes . and i knew there good bikes
  3. iam really considering the honda right now since its coming out alot sooner. i dont mind getting it at the end of season just not in the middle of winter you know what i mean
  4. i doent understand why they sell the bikes at the end of the season . why couldnt they just sell them before so we doent have to wait forever
  5. what is the highest seat height on the yz250f . iam 6,5 and it feels like iam riding a bike for a 5 year old. what are some ways i can make the bike taller. i know a new seat but can the bike its self be raised at all. and is there any other ways of raising the bike
  6. what month does 07 yz250f comes out
  7. what month does 07 yz250f comes out
  8. why so freakin late yz250f come out in november. honda crf comes out august.
  9. either 07 yzf or 07 crf
  10. so how much do they cost
  11. i just saved up the money to buy a new bike . should i buy a 07 or should i but just an 06 and save a lil bit of money. is there any big changes in the 07 then over 06
  12. you must havea pretty big wallet .
  13. duhh i live eastern
  14. its 9 and it isnt up
  15. dude. when will every one stop bashing other people. there out there having a good time riding like we do just with a different vechile. everyone just needs to calm down. were riding for the same reason to have fun. and can we please keep it that way. so what that a atv rider doesnt have "skills" b/c you doent have to balance whoopdie do. i pesonally think quad's are harder to race. so can every one stop posting theses dumb videos of people riding quads then making fun of them. ride a quad first then get back to me. and tell me it doesnt require skill. if u say no you doent even deserve to ride any vechile.