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  1. Alright there mate the valve was stuck open. Whoever changed the piston before didn't align the power valve mech when he put the barrel on. Cheers
  2. Any you guys got any info on servicing the power valve on my 2001 cr250. Iv only just brought the bike and it seems to be bogging low down. When its revving it pulls fine. Iv been told to check that the valve is closing properly. Where is the adjustment? Thanks Danny
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum
  4. Is there a website that can tell me the year of a bike by the frame number. Its a cr 250, I'm not sure if there is a specific number that tells me what year it is?
  5. Me mate told me the same thing.Tis now fixed. cheers
  6. Not posted a pic on here before but heres one off me phone...
  7. First post on here. Im from tamworth near birmingham